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Friday, September 18, 2009

Is there anything handier?

Really, is there anything more handy then a good multi-tool on the boat or in the field. This past spring, I picked up a Leatherman Blast, and I think with a roll of duct or electrical tape and my Blast, I can fix anything I need to on my boat. It's light and compact enough to always carry in your tackle bag or box and takes up less space then a bunch of specialty tools.

The pliers can tighten nuts, like your battery terminals which need to be checked often. The screwdriver saved my bacon when my front depthfinder mount came loose during a tourney on Lake Michigan. I also have used my knive to cut lures free from underwater ropes that i have hooked, which when throwing a $16 japanse crankbait, the blast can pay for itself very quickly!

So if you don't have a multi-tool get one for your fall fishing and hunting excursions, or think about getting one for your outdoors hubby for Christmas!