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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Evolutionary Bass Fishing Jig?

Sorry its been awhile since I have made an entry. Fishing Amistad and traveling for work have limited time. This jig just seems to popular not to touch on it.

Buy this ProductMega Strike Evolution Jigs
The Most Innovative Jig Ever Built. ALWAYS lands in STANDUP position no matter what!!!! The Evolution Jig is the first real innovative jig design to come along in over 40 years. Our NEW, Advanced Skirt Forward Technology, along with our virtually invisible Fluorocarbon Weed guard, makes this the jig of choice. Evolution is the only jig to also have our patent pending flaring disk and skid plate. These qualities allow the Evolution jig to respond to every movement of the rod tip, continuing to keep the Evolution Jig in an upright crawfish defense stature.

Finesse Jig: available in these sizes: 3/16, 5/16, and 7/16
Heavy Cover Jig: Available in these sizes: 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4
Jigs are sold in packs of two.

In short, this is a premium jig, that has some very unique characteristics. Most of us think are jigs stand up, but I am guessing they are nothing like this one.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Check out the new Phat Flies

The all new Spro Phat Flies
Buy this ProductThe SPRO Phat Flies were designed to take Float and Fly bass fishing to a new level. Not only designed to catch fish in the harshest conditions, these jigs are designed to catch big California trophy bass. Colors painstakingly matched to the most prevalent baitfish in North American waters. Perfectly balanced to sit horizontal under the bobber. Built with the worlds sharpest Gamakatsu hooks. The SPRO Phat Flies are the best on the market, period! These look awesome and I think they will be deadly in the winter through early spring. So if you live in middle to northern part of the country, buy them now and put them to use. Here is a link to a radio show explaining how to use them and their effectiveness.


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