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Friday, April 27, 2007

Do Bass Fishing Scents make Sense?

I saw that Mustad has just released a couple new fish attractants. I believe these are a relaunch of Mustad Ultra Bite attractant that was out a year or so ago, but the marketing was not so good and the dispensing was not so good. Looks like they fixed that with a pump applicator as well as a gel, which I kind of like gels for my Jigs.

Buy this ProductMustad Activate Spray
Use the Activate Spray for easy application. Includes glitter flecks for added attraction. Re-Apply when flecks have washed off bait. 3 oz pump spray

Buy this ProductMustad Activate Gel
Activate Gel is a sticky formulation for longer lasting pheromone release. Squeeze on the bait and spread over to form a thin coating with your fingers. Then watch the results.

Why it makes fish feed

  • Formulated with Phero-Tech - today's most sophisticated pheromone technology
  • Activate causes a sensory feeding response that attracts fish and stimulates feeding.
  • Extremely easy to apply to baits, lures and chum.

  • Personally, I like to use scents and attractants when I fish for bass. I feel there is no down side to using them and I think at the bare minimum they do a decent job of masking any offensive odors that my hands may leave on my baits and I think in the long run they will get you more bites. They also act as a lubricant when you lure is sliding over and through wood & weeds ;) I am pretty sure, less hang ups will mean more bites as well!

    I have never used these products as they are brand new, but I utilized another pheromone based gel last year on my jig and I think it really helped. What attractants do you all like to use or do you think that all these scents are bunk?


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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    The 'Buzz' on frogs & toads for Bass Fishing

    In case some of you are not aware, there is a deadly creation out there called the Buzz Frog or Swimming Toad out there and bass are crushing them. Its basically a hybrid baits that takes the allure of a frog and a buzzbait and wraps it into a soft plastic package! From what I can tell, Zoom started it with their Horny Toad and now just about everyone has a spin on it. Check out a sampling below. They work in places regular frogs don't and the hook % is much higher with these ;)

    Buy this ProductZoom Ultravibe Horny Toad - This is where it all started

    Buy this ProductSizmic Toads - Sizmic made a splash shortly there after, they have some floating & chugging versions as well.

    Buy this ProductGambler Cane Toad - This is my personal favorite & I think it has the best sound

    Buy this ProductBerkley Gulp Bat Wing Frog - Not sure how important scent dispersion of Gulp! is for topwater...

    Buy this ProductKicker Fish Xplodin' Toad - never used it, but looks like a solid design

    Buy this ProductMann's HardNose Swim Toad - I have heard good things about the durability of this product, more fish per bait

    Buy this ProductYum Buzz Frog - This is probably my second favorite one that I have used

    Buy this ProductV&M Bayou Bull Frog

    Buy this ProductWave Worms Tiki-Toad

    Buy this ProductNetBait Paca Toad - Honestly, this one puzzles me, does not seem like it would create much of a disturbance, maybe for more subtle presentations, I think it would be a great jig trailer...

    I think all these will put bass in your boat, I would be interested to hear which are your favorites or if you have comments on the models I have not tried yet. Either way, if you do not have any, you are missing out!


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