Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009 Red River Bassmaster Classic Winning Lures & Gear

So here is a brief summary of the baits and gear used by Skeet Reese to win 2009 Bassmasters Classic!
Skeet used two main baits, the new Crazy Legs Chigger craw and the Lucky Craft Redemption Spinnerbait. These baits seem very fitting, since a chigger craw was Skeet's demise when Boyd Duckett used it to knock him to second on Lay Lake and Skeet designed the Redemption Spinnerbait for Lucky Craft and that is exactly what he got, REDEMPTION!!!
Berkley Power Bait Crazy Leg Chigger Craw
Winning Gear Notes
> Spinnberbait gear: 7' extra-fast Lamiglas XR 704 rod, Abu Garcia Revo Winch (5.4:1), 50-pound Spiderwire Ultracast braided line, 3/8-ounce Lucky Craft Redemption Spinnerbait (MS American shad head, nickel combination blades, customized translucent skirt).

> He said he fished spinnerbait on the Revo Winch because it's a strong, slower-geared reel. And he fished it on the braid because it cut through the pad stems better than mono or fluorocarbon.

> Flipping gear: Lamiglas XFT 806 flipping stick, Abu Garcia Skeet Series Revo casting reel, 25-pound Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon, 3/16- and 1/4- ounce unnamed sinkers (1/4-ounce in wind), 3/0 unnamed hook, Berkley PowerBait Crazy Leg Chigger craw (black/blue-fleck)

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Anonymous said...

Great blog Rich! Lots of good information on winning baits, and baits at a discount!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,
I have used a similar spinner and find that one can only use this in clear water as it just gets stuck on everything. It is a nice spinner.

Unknown said...

Amy, thanks for the comment, but I disagree, a spinnerbait is great in & around cover, when worked correctly, it will come though most wood, grass, & pads.


Jeff Douglas said...

I'll agree with that. I love to throw my spinnerbaits up in the ugliest snags in the river, and entice the spotted bass and smallmouths out of their hiding places. You do lose a few, but usually by wrapping a cast around a stick above the water, not by getting hung up below it.

HellaBass, it's funny that you are a Mario Kart fanatic. My son and I play that all the time. Also, he kicks my butt at Sega Bass Fishing.

Unknown said...

It is addicting, love to race online with Mario Kart as well

Amy Wagner | Fishing said...

Those are great spinners. When I have used spinners I find that one has to use them in clear waters as they do tend to get caught up in things