Friday, March 13, 2009

Couple of Swimbaits hitting the shelves

There has been much talke about the Jackall Swimming Ninja & 4" Tru-Life swimbaits, both seem to be in stock at several stores.

Kota Kiriyama used the Jackall Swimming Ninja to sack a 35 pound bag during the BASS Elite Series on Lake Amistad and ultimately ran out of the baits as the fish destroyed what he had but he still managed a 12th place finish. The natural swimming motion of the bait coupled with a dead stick fall in front of followers was the key to enticing the big fish into committing. The Jackall Swimming Ninja is tested and proven to put big fish in the boat!

The 4 inch TRU-LIFE SWIMBAITS are a collaborative design created by Tru-Tungsten and swimbait kings Ish Monroe and Matt Newman. The 4 inch Swimbait comes in two versions. A wake bait that takes 2 balls to become a slow fall bait and a slow fall bait that will take 2 balls to become a fast fall bait to get to those deeper fish. Tru Tungsten Tru-Life Swimbaits have a 4 segment jointed body that creates an incredible life like swimming motion. This matched with Life-like a finish including scales, eyes make this an irresistible bait for lurking bass..

Both of these hot baits are in stock at Bass Tackle Depot.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rich--

I saw Monroe at ICAST last year with the
TRU-Tungsten baits. They look awesome and I bet they work really well.
We're a lure manufacturer here in Minnesota that makes a new swimbait
that has a newly patented piece
(US patent # 7493724)attached to it
and this lure really kicks ash in the Spring, I'd like to send you one if you'd want one. Let me know which pattern you prefer by checking us out at when you get a chance.
Great sites and resources by-the-way!
Look forward to hearing from you.
Tim Peterson

Unknown said...

They look very interesting, I would like to try the Black/Silver or Perch