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Friday, December 22, 2006

Finesse Wacky Jig!

This jig originates from Japan and so does the technique and application it is designed for, which kind of a shakey - wacky type fishing.

Buy this ProductZappu Inchi Wacky Jig Heads
The Japanese anglers are a very studious bunch. They are always working on new and creative techniques. The drop shotting technique that the Japanese introduced to America several years back has become a household term in bass fishing recently, and now the Japanese have created a new technique called INCHI WACKY or Jig Head Wacky. This technique has taken Japan by storm over the past 12 months and for good reason. Two Japanese Bass Pros, Takuma Hata of Zappu IncAndnd Toshiro Ono of Jackall Inc pioneered the craze.

As the name suggests, it's a very straightforward rig and easy to put into practice.

Benefits of the Rig
1. You can get more distance on the cast.

2. You can fish deeper areas.

3. The bait falls quicker.

4. You can keep in contact with the bottom easier.

5. Most importantly it creates a wicked irregular action that looks exactly like a real worm squirming in the water.

Why It Works
The Japanese anglers firmly believe that this irregular action has a very appealing, teasing action that bass cannot resist. Both Hato and Ono believe this bait is ideal for fishing deeper water and tougher conditions. Areas such as rock piles, drop offs and other vertical structure points are perfect situations where the Jig Head Wacky Rig will produce.

Japanese will always say that you have to have an image in your head of what you want the jighead and worm to be doing. The ideal image you want to see is the ball part of the jighead going flip flopping up and down and that's it. If the jighead is doing that, then the worm will be doing its thing. The great thing about this rig is that you can create so much action in the worm and the worm doesn't even have to be moved in at all. Otherwise saying you can keep the bait exactly where you want it to be and stay there.

The How To
In order to do this, there is a secret, and that is keeping a good amount of slack in the line. By keeping slack in the line you can shake your rod constantly to produce the wicked irregular action and still keep your bait exactly where you want it.

When fishing bottom structure you will want to cast out the Jig Head Wacky and let it free fall to the bottom. While the jig falls the weight from the jig head causes the worm to roll back and forth. After it hits the bottom you will want to shake it and continue to wind up slack and then free fall it back to the bottom. Remember that this is an exposed hook so this is not a deadsticking technique. Leave that type of fishing for your regular weightless wacky rig. The fish will often attack as the bait free falls after you shake it.

The Jig Head Wacky is also very effective on suspended fish in mid water. The key in working this bait is again the slack in the line. You will want to cast the line out and as you reach the area the fish are holding in you will want to slowly shake the bait and as you swim the jighead back in.

The Rigging & Tackle
Like with all techniques, the tackle you use plays a huge role in the outcome. The key to the Jig Head Wacky Rig is in the rigging. When rigging the worm, it's vital that you position the hook correctly by inserting the point of the hook in the middle of the worm and have it exit on a 90 degree from the insertion point. This is so the worm is fixed good and tight on the hook and it makes for a better irregular action. The Japanese have experimented with different hooks and have found that a V shape angled hook keeps the worm permanently fixed on the hook. The most commonly used jig head weights are 1/32oz to 1/16oz but vary upon the size of the worm and the depth at which being fished.

When using the Jig Head Wacky Rig, the Japanese anglers like to use fast tapered rods that are rated light to ultra light. A popular length in Japan is 6 foot because they feel it's easier to handle lighter worms with a shorter stick. 4-pound fluorocarbon line on a spinning reel is also the choice for many Japanese anglers who have mastered the Jig Head Wacky Rig. When working the rod, it is vital to keep a good rhythm and a constant up and down speed in a 10-11 o'clock positioning. Recently pro anglers are even using a 3/8-1/2 oz football shaped jig around heavy rock area and have said that slowly dragging the bottom is also very effective. The most popular used worm styles for Jig Head Wacky consists of Zoom's swamp crawler, Jackall's Flick Shake, Gary Yamamoto Cut Tail, Optimum Bait's Twin Teaser, and Berkley Gulp! 5'' Wacky Japanese Crawler.
Click to Buy

Here is a video of me & buddy catching some nice smallmouth bass on this technique!


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Friday, December 15, 2006

Bass Fishing with Beaver Baits

I am sure many of you have found out how great Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers can be... On the other hand they can be kind of pricey and they tear up somewhat easy. So here is a list of similar style baits by other manufacturers, some you may know, some you may not. They are all a little different and will catch Bass ;)
Buy this ProductGambler Ugly Otter

Buy this ProductCulprit Water Beetle

Buy this ProductBerkley PowerBait Beast

Buy this ProductRoboworm Sour Puss

Buy this ProductVenom Sweet Dreams

Buy this ProductYum Wooly Bug

And there are many more, so try some of these baits and see how they stack up against the original.


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Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Innovative Gamakatsu Hook Design

Buy this ProductGamakatsu Skip Gap Hook
The new Skip Gap Hook from Gamakatsu is the hook every dock skippin’ Bass angler has been waiting for. Many soft plastics will slide off of the offset or simply come off when thrown hard against the water in an attempt to skip it under a dock. This is especially true on really hot days when the plastic can get extra soft. This unique patent pending hook is designed to hold soft plastics firmly in place so that no matter how hard you throw it, the plastic bait stays put. Unlike other hooks that have attempted to do the same thing, there is no special rigging required for this hook. Simply Texas rig it like any other wide gap style hook and it’s ready to go. The wide gap is built to handle thicker baits like tubes, but is also ideal for stick type baits and regular soft plastic worms. Sizes: 1/0 – 5/0.


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Thursday, December 07, 2006

KVD DVD 3pk for only $7.46!!!

Check this out! Go to and search for 'VanDam DVD' it is a Christmas Special, what a fantastic deal.

Fish like a pro with some helpful insight from Kevin VanDam, the two-time
Bassmaster Classic Champion and three-time B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year! This DVD
Set includes three popular VanDam videos: ''Proven Spinnerbait Techniques,''
''Changing Conditions'' and ''Pitchin' to Heavy Hitters.''
VanDam reveals
his proven and tournament winning techniques in these Bass Pro Shops exclusive
videos. Each DVD is loaded with essential tricks and tips that have helped make
VanDam one of the sport's most popular and successful anglers. 158 minutes.
A terrific addition to any fisherman's video library!

Its a great set of DVD's I bought them at BassPro earlier this year at full price.


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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Buzz!

Check out Tru-Tungsten's New Elite Series Buzzbait, it looks Killer!
Tru-Tungsten Buzzbait - Elite Series - Baby Bass Tru-Tungsten® Buzzbaits are designed by Larry Niixon with an extremely low profile, allowing for incredible action and feel. Super-sharp Black Nickel Hooks are used, and the Hydro-Silk high-tech polymer skirt not only floats in the water with incredible life-like action, but also holds a scent and will not melt.
Adjustable for clacker or commotion action for louder or more subtle sound
Planes at any retrieve speed
A Duraseal™ coating is applied for a colorfast, ultra-smooth finish
Spring-tempered piano wire for extra vibration
Joint technology makes for more hook sets
Flexible collar for jointed hook ensures hook tracking and stabilization
Free Bleeding Bait Hooks™ trailer hook
25% longer and more accurate casting

Click on Image for more details! What a perfect stocking stuffer for yourself or your favortie bass nut ;)

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Yamamoto Swimming Senko

Has anyone tried the new Buy this ProductGary Yamamoto Swimming Senko??? They look really cool, but how do they work. Are you supposed to fish them like a swim bait or just deadstick them like an old fashioned Gary Yamamoto Senko......

I would like to hear from some of you that have used them.


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Avoid Black Friday

If you are like myself or most outdoors people, you would not be caught dead out shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving. But that does not mean you cannot get a little shopping done...

Kick your feet up, watch some college football and surf the net for some bargains while the rest of your family is out fighting the crowds for heavily discounted DVD players and tickle me elmos (or whatever is this year's fad). Things will be shipped directly to your home or office, and its probably cheaper to pay the Shipping rather than burn gas running all around town, especially if you drive a big truck or SUV. Besides, many retailers have great online deals in addition to the in-store promos.

If you need a place to start, check out my SHOP Page on my other website. And do not be afraid to get a little something for yourself ;)


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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tube Craws Anyone?

If you like Buy this ProductKalin's Tube Craws they are practically giving them away right now at They even have bulk packs at 50% off. If you are a fan, it's time to load up on these little guys.

If you do not like these tube craws, they have a bunch of other brands to choose from as well.


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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What you always wanted to do, but were too Scared...

Overly Serious Fishing Guy

Wow this is Awesome! This guy does what you have always wanted & thought about doing but never had the guts to do..... He trespasses on a corporate pond at a Verizon facility in TX and slams the Bass.


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Friday, November 10, 2006

River2Sea V-Joint Minnow - Exclusive Close Out Colors

Check out the sweet deals on these great baits by River2Sea!!!
River2Sea V-Joint Minnow - Exclusive Close Out Colors

These are discontinued colors, exclusively sold on the website. Once they are gone, they will be gone for good. These baits will be sold at 30% to 40% off the current 2007 colors. Don't delay, these high quality baits will not last at these prices.

P.S. Eric Carlson Loves Packaging Way Too Much!


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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is this Deal too good to be true?

Check out this great deal from

5 Great Baits for only $5 and no shipping!! What a great started kit or stocking stuffer :)

Get'em while they are hot!!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Name.... New Direction!

I changed the name of this Blog to the 'Bass Fishing Tackle Blog" The main focus will be on new tackle, products and gear. I will try to stay up on the newest trends and provide pictures, links and commentary on these new items. This seems to be the stuff I have been putting on here lately anyways!

I will also try to watch for good deals and share them. The Bassin' Blog will still be the place for my fishing reports and tips. I hope you enjoy.


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Monday, November 06, 2006

November Sale on Reaction Innovations Tackle

Hey all: is having a big month long sale on all your favorite Reaction Innovations gear and tackle. Buy this ProductYour favorite standbys like the Sweet Beaver 4.20, Smallie Beaver, Flirt Worm and Swamp Donkey and new stuff like the BMF Flipping Hooks , Squeaky Dolphin Buzzbait and Skinny Dipper Swimbait that looks a lot like the Gary Yamamoto Swimming Senko. The Packaging for these baits is fantastic, worth the price of admission ;)

Once again, all your Reaction Innovation Baits are 10% off though the end of November!!Buy this Product


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Monday, October 09, 2006

Stanley Cup goes Bass Fishing?

Hey all,
Been awhile, work and play has been keeping me busy. This just seemed to appropriate being that I am from MN, where many are die hard hockey fans and we have awesome bass fishing.

Check out this article about a bass swimming in the Stanley Cup!!!

"We had it out there in the boat with a life jacket on it, said fishing guide
Kennon Brown of Roxboro, N.C. And they used it to hold a bass, too.
Hope you enjoy this fun little story. Maybe some Wild players can replicate this for the coming year.


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Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm Back....

Well, that was almost a BP like absence, except that I have been busy fishing :)
All the details will be on the Bassin' Blog.

In summary, The MN TOC was a disaster, Northern Divisional was good but I was really on the fish to do much better and Minnetonka Weekend Series went better then I had hoped. You can see the tournament results on my Tourney Page of my website.

Hope you are all out getting out for some of that fall feed action for bass!


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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

BASS Northern Divisional

Minneapolis – September 5, 2006 – Upper Midwest’s best amateur bass anglers set to tackle the Alexandria Chain

96 anglers will arrive in the Alexandria, MN area on September 10th to practice and prepare for the ESPN Federation Nation Northern Divisional Tournament. The actual competition occurs over a three day period of September 13-15. Weigh-ins for the event will be hosted by Bug-A-Boo Bay Restaurant on Lake Le Homme Dieu starting at 3:00PM on each day.

12 angler teams will represent Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, South Dakota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois and Ohio. Anglers qualified in competition within their respective state federations. At stake in this tournament is a chance to fish in the Bass Federation Nation National Championship and one step closer to a coveted Bassmasters Classic berth. The top angler from each state will qualify for the ESPN Bass Federation Nation Championships to be held in January on Neely Henry Lake in Alabama.

“The Alexandria Chain is a diverse body of water with a very high population of fish,” says MN Federation Nation president Paul Becka, “The competitors should catch plenty of limits. Finding the quality fish is what will separate the top finishers from the rest of the field.”

In addition to individual efforts, there is a team competition as well. Each 12 man team’s total fish catch is tallied and matched against the other states. The top state team is awarded trophies and prizes.

”I think the Minnesota team is poised to have a very good finish this year. All 12 of our guys qualified on the Alexandria Chain last September,” says MN Team Member Rich Lindgren. “There would be nothing better then winning this event as a team on our home waters.” If you are interested in seeing Minnesota’s best anglers compete against other states, Bug-A-Boo Bay is the place to be September 13-15th.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, visit
Lodging and Tournament Headquarter is the Holiday Inn in Alexandria, MN

About Minnesota Bass Federation:The Minnesota BASS Federation is committed to promoting fishing for all ages and skill levels. We offer our assistance to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to improve fishing opportunities, habitat, water quality & preservation of public access to Minnesota’s waterways. We work with state and local government, lake associations and other outdoor organizations to protect our fishing heritage. Through our youth initiatives, we provide education and on the water experiences to foster youth involvement and sustained interest in our sport.

Rich Lindgren, Marketing Director
Dale Richardson, Tournament Director
Minnesota Bass Federation Nation

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Booyah Boogee Bait

For those that have enjoyed some success on Chatterbaits and variations on the original, you will be glad to see the new Booyah Boogee Bait. With Booyah a large commercialized company getting into this lure segment, it will drive the quality up and the cost down.

The Boogee Bait has some nice features including a shad profile head meticulously detailed with an ultra-durable finish, a Leverage flexible hook system with an XCalibur Tx3 hook, quick-change blade system, multi-strand silicone and flash skirt, and a YUM® Boogee Tail trailer. These baits retail for a reasonable $5.99 at

Go get'em

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Monday, August 28, 2006

MN Federation TOC sets sights on Gull

Minneapolis – August 28, 2006 – Minnesota’s best amateur bass anglers set to tackle Gull Lake for the Minnesota Bass Federation Nation Tournament of Champions.

On Saturday, September 2nd, approximately 200 anglers will arrive in the Brainerd & Nisswa area to practice and prepare for the event. Events culminate with a two day tournament on September 7th & 8th. Weigh-ins for the event will be hosted by Ernie’s on Gull starting at 3:00PM Thursday and Friday.

These 200 anglers have qualified from their local clubs from all over the state. There is a total of 41 clubs sending teams and representatives to the Tournament of Champions (TOC). The tournament is hosted and supported by the local area Baxter Bass Club. In addition to the TOC, there is also an alternate’s tournament on Lake Alexander near Cushing, MN to be held on September 7th, the weigh-in will be 3:00PM held out of Blue Port Restaurant on the shores of Lake Alexander.

Wednesday night is the banquet and pairings meeting which concludes with a raffle with all proceeds supporting a local charity. This year’s charity is Wilderness Inquiry, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on getting people from all walks of life to personally experience the natural world. We believe there is nothing like being there to fully appreciate the environment and the people we share it with.

Anglers come from all over the state for many reasons; foremost is the camaraderie of fellow anglers and secondly to qualify for the 2007 Bass Federation Northern Divisional. The top 12 anglers from the TOC will advance next year to fish against 7 other State Teams from Wisconsin, Indiana, South Dakota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, & Ohio on Lake Erie at Sandusky, OH in September, 2007. At stake there is a chance to fish in the Bass Federation Nation National Championship and one step closer to a Bassmasters Classic Berth.

Fish care is an important part of protecting our resource, so for the second consecutive year, the TOC will be utilizing an in-water weigh-in system that reduces stress on the fish, which is important as the goal is to return all the fish back to Gull Lake in good condition to be caught again for everyone.

”The great thing about the Minnesota Federation Nation State Championship is that we get a chance to give back to the community. Our sponsors have really stepped up big for our raffle and Wilderness Inquiry,” says Tournament Director Dale Richardson. “We really appreciate the support we get from Minn-kota, MG Lures, and Mojo Rods.” If you are interested in seeing Minnesota’s best anglers, Ernie’s on Gull Lake is the place to be September 8th & 9th.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release visit
About Minnesota Bass Federation:The Minnesota BASS Federation is committed to promoting fishing for all ages and skill levels. We offer our assistance to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to improve fishing opportunities, habitat, water quality & preservation of public access to Minnesota’s waterways. We work with state and local government, lake associations and other outdoor organizations to protect our fishing heritage. Through our youth initiatives, we provide education and on the water experiences to foster youth involvement and sustained interest in our sport.
Contact: Rich Lindgren, Marketing Director Or
Dale Richardson, Tournament Director Minnesota Bass Federation Nation


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Looking for G-String & Crystal? has both! Get your Buy this ProductSpiderline G-String & Buy this ProductBerkley FireLine Crystal

These two lines were some of the hotter products at the ICAST show. G-String is supposed to be a super tough mono deisgned by the G-Man, Gerald Swindle and Berkley FireLine Crystal is supposed to be a clearer version of the already popular Fireline.
Try these out and let me know what you find out, they look like great products and they have great names!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rejoicing In the Streets

Jimmy Houston Outdoors is gone from ESPN2!!!
This season marked the 30th year that the Jimmy Houston Outdoors show was
broadcast on TV. And for 20 of those years it was broadcast by ESPN and
ESPN2. That era came to an end recently when ESPN Outdoors didn't renew the
show for the upcoming season.

Nothing againts Jimmy, I just hate his show. Bass & Crappie fishing on his private lake every week does not do anything for me. As you may remember, Jimmy made #5 on my Top 10 Least Favorite Fishing Shows this spring. Maybe he can focus on the Elite Series last event, because he has had a dismal season, I think he is dead last!!! I am not sure he is even trying anymore.....


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Friday, August 18, 2006

Another way to spend your internet time...

If you have not noticed, I started a Bass Fishing Forum to augment this Blog and my webpage - Just another way to communicate with all of you that like to read my rants!

If you are looking for more bass info or other ways to post your questions or thought, check it out -
There is a classified section and a general section so far. Let me know if there is something else that you would like to see. I know sometimes there are questions that do not necessarily match up with the topics on the blog and the forum is wide open place for all questions and ideas.

Hope you like it!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Anyone Need a Great Deal on a Trolling Motor?

I just won a trolling motor in a Weekend Series Tournament. Great trolling motor, but boat already has a new trolling motor.
Motorguide Bassmaster Tour Series BASS 70
24volt, 70lb Digital Thrust
Gator Mount
45" Stainless Shaft
3-Blade Machete III Prop
Infinite Digital Variable Speed
No Play Adjustable Pull/Pull Steering

It retails for $699.99 at, $550 or Best Offer! Go to and contact me if interested.


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Friday, August 11, 2006

Long time no Blog...

Hey all, been busy fishing, sure you understand.
Here is an interesting article on how some pros had to bow out of the Elite Series for financial reasons. Fishing Pro is not glamourous all the time!

Congrats to Brent Ehler on his FLW Championship Victory on Lake Logan Martin.

I had a good weekend, 2nd at Lake Pokegama in the ESPN Bassmasters Weekend Series.

Also, BassCenter is cancelled and Rucks is Fired! Lots of news these days.


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Attention to all Minnetonka Milfoil Flippers!!

Falcon Lures Rattle Flipping Jig
Check out the beauties! A new jig from Falcon Lures, affectionately nicknamed the “Brick”.
A 2 OZ. Rattle Flipping Jig, that features a virtually weedless head design, heavy duty weed guard, a premium quality silicone skirt with rattle strap and two magnum rattles, a skirt collar and a trailer keeper barb. The jig is manufactured with a Mustad Ultrapoint XXS 7/0 Black Nickel hook.

Check out these great colors! Just imagine yourself probing the deep milfoil on Tonka with these.....

Find these Monsters @


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weekly Jottings

First of all... Has anyone see Bass Pundit? We may need to send out an APB for him soon.

This past weekend was very good, the fish catches for the club were very good on Fish Trap and Shamineau. I had a good bag on Shamineau and that vaulted me back into first place for the year with two tournaments to go. I also was able to survive the Match Tournament!

Also, keep an eye for more news on the WI fish die off on a recent Stren Series Tournament, I am sure we will find out more details.


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

8lb Line is Stronger than you may Think....

Check out this rescue story! Too bad they only got one crappie.

Fourteen-year-old Kong Vang saw his cousin flailing in the water, fighting to
stay afloat in the Little Canada pond where six cousins had been fishing.
With chaos and panic setting in on shore, Kong cast his fishing line out
into the water, hoping to snag Tou Ger Yang.
Barely conscious, Tou Ger, 14,
managed to twist the line around his right arm. Just as the lure hooked his
wrist, he went under.
Somehow, the 8-pound test line held as Kong kept
reeling. And when Tou Ger was close enough, the cousins hauled him to shore.
See full story on This is a good conservation lesson in not littering in our lakes as well.


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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

River2Sea V-Joint Minnow

As seen on BassCenter! Wow what a great looking jerkbait, can you imagine throwing that up here in MN and having a Giant Bronzeback come up and CRUSH IT! Maybe I will order some for the my tournament coming up on Pokegama....
Buy this ProductBuy this Product

Find the River2Sea V-Joint Minnow at! Try them out for yourself. They are actually fairly reasonable when compared to the Lucky Craft Live Pointers.

Tight Lines,

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Monday, July 17, 2006

2007 Elite Series Schedule Released

They released the dates a few weeks ago and now the bodies of water....
2007 CITGO Bassmaster Elite Series
The Western Run
#1 March 8-11: Battle on the Border, Lake Amistad — Del Rio, Texas
#2 March 22-25: Duel in the Delta, California Delta — Stockton, Calif.
#3 March 29-April 1: Golden State Shootout, Clear Lake — Lakeport, Calif.
The Southern Swing
#4 April 19-22: Pride of Georgia, Clarks Hill Lake — Evans, Ga.
#5 April 26-29: Southern Challenge, Lake Guntersville — Guntersville, Ala.
#6 June 7-10: Blue Ridge Brawl, Smith Mountain Lake — Moneta, Va.
The Turn
#7 June 21-24: The Sooner Run, Grand Lake — Grove, Okla.
The Northern Run
#8 July 12-15: Champion's Choice, Lake Champlain — Plattsburgh, N.Y.
#9 July 19-22: Empire Chase, Lake Erie/ Niagara River — Buffalo, N.Y.
The Final Charge
#10 Aug. 9-12: Capitol Clash, Potomac River — Charles County, Md.
#11 Sept. 13-16: Sunshine Showdown, Lake Tohopekaliga — Kissimmee, Fl.
Bassmaster Majors
#1 May 17-20: Bassmaster American, High Rock Lake — Greensboro, N.C.
#2 July 26-29: Bassmaster Memorial, Oneida Lake — Syracuse, N.Y.
#3 Aug. 23-26: Bassmaster Legends, Arkansas River — Little Rock, Ark.
See Full Schedule Here

You will see many repeats from this year on the list, and California gets some love, fishing Clear Lake & The Delta. So Byron Velvick can get his tail handed to him on his home waters as well, and stop saying "WEST SIDE!"

They will go north to NY, Champlain & Erie, and the upper Midwest gets snubbed again. You would have to drive a long ways from MN to catch any event. See full overview of tour.


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Friday, July 14, 2006

Weekend Preview

I am headed up to Whitefish Chain for Weekend Series Tournament #2!! For those of you that are smarter and will be in the A/C, pay attention to BassCenter and for updates the Elite Series at Champlain this week. There are some grizzled veterans like Brauer in the Top 5 after day 1.

Also, check out my new Bass Fishing Forum!!


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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ike is #1

After the recent Lake Oneida Bassmasters Elite Series, has released it latest world rankings and Mike Iaconelli - a.k.a. IKE -has leaped over previous #1 Greg Hackney. KVD has also leaped Hack by getting into #2 and Hack now sits in #3. See Full Rankings
For you MN guys, Jim Moynagh is a respectable 46th

The neat things about the BassFan rankings:
- Its compares BASS, FLW and 2-Tour pros against each other
- It works on a 2-year rolling calender
- Championships and Majors are worth more
- Bassmaster Open, Bassmaster Northern/Southern Tour and FLW Stren (formerly EverStart) Series tournament data are not included in the BassFan World Rankings because these are "minor-league" or "triple-A" events
- It has all anglers competing in Tour Level events, ranked #1 - #502 and Bios for everyone

So where does your favorite angler rank?


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Monday, July 10, 2006

Got My Revenge

After getting crushed on Lake Marion in my club tournament, it was good to turn it around and have a 3rd place finish & Big Bass in the Pan-O-Prog tournament. 6 fish for 20.85lbs with a 4.87 Kicker.

I took Sunday off of fishing, first Saturday or Sunday I did not fish since May 6-7th, it was a nice run. I went shopping with Laura all day, but I did get some new fishing sandals ;)

Congrats to Tommy Biffle on his big win at Lake Oneida, way to go against the conventional wisdom and target Largemouth all tournament long. He also broke the $1million career earnings mark as well.


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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bassin' & Blogging....

Sorry I am a bit behind on both Blogs, I got 4 days of prefishing to log from this past weekend.
Fishing & Work is cutting into my Blogging....

Starting to put some things together for my tournament on Marion this Saturday, much different that what I had going last year. Fishing up on the Whitefish Chain was very good, now I just need to find a little more consistency for larger fish. Watch the Bassin' Blog later today and in the coming days for updates, I aim to catch up before the Pan-O-Prog.


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Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally Friday

Friday before the long 4th weekend. I am cutting out of work around lunch to go check out the MN Bass Federation Nation Jr. TOC down on Lake Washington. Should be a good time, weigh-in is at 2pm - Westwood Marine & Grill.

Saturday morning I am going to practice on Lake Marion for the upcoming Pan-O-Prog tournament. Then Sunday - Monday I will be up at Whitefish Chain practicing for the Weekend Series event in two weeks. Then Sunday will be an early morning visit to Marion and then BBQ & Fireworks. Have a fun & safe weekend!

Also check out my new Bass Fishing Forum.


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cool MSNBC Piece on FLW Tour

Check out this nice article on the growth of tournament fishing and sponsorship, it also has a streaming video from "On the Money"

They are America's most prized game fish. And today, catching the big one could
mean big money for members of the nation's fastest-growing tournament circuit.
Forget what you know about fishing: It's a whole new world out there.
"Today the FLW Outdoors is the world's largest tournament organization," according to Charley Evans, president and CEO of FLW Outdoors. "With 249 events covering 13 different tournament circuits covering five different species of fish, some
9,000 tournament entries and handing out almost $40 million in prize money."

Maybe Fox News will do a piece on ESPN/BASS :)

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

MN's Top Youth Bass Anglers to Take Stage

BASS Federation Nation - MinnesotaMinnesota’s Bass Federation Nation Youth Tournament of Champions Set For June 30th

(Jun. 22, 2006 - Minneapolis, MN)... Minnesota’s best junior bass anglers are set to compete on Lake Washington near Mankato, MN, the site of the Minnesota Bass Federation Nation’s Youth Tournament of Champions.

The Minnesota’s Bass Federation Nation Youth Tournament of Champions (TOC) is an event where competitors qualify from youth clubs all over the state to vie for top honors and a birth to the B.A.S.S. Junior World Championships (JWC). On June 30th, 2006, two young anglers will punch their ticket to the Junior World Championships to be held in February on Lake Logan Martin in Alabama. Along with the earning a berth in the JWC, each winner receives plaques and product packages from every sponsor.

The tournament headquarters and weigh-in site will be Westwood Marina and Grill on the shores of Lake Washington. Weigh-in and awards ceremony will begin at 2:00pm. This is the 5th year that Minnesota will crown Junior State champions. Forest Lake was the site of Minnesota?s inaugural youthchampionship in 2002. This is the second time it will be held on Lake Washington.

The 53 contenders in this event are split into two age groups, 11-14 and 15-18. They fish two anglers in a boat captained by an adult federation member. The contestants qualified from their respective junior clubs. Minnesota has seven Junior Bassmasters clubs ranging from as far south as Fairmont and as far north as Bemidji.

Several state champions from previous years are trying to repeat and make a return visit to the Bassmasters Junior World Championship (JWC). Last year’s State Champion, Don Brennhofer, in the 15-18 age group, is from nearby Belle Plaine, MN. He is anxious to return to the JWC. This is no easy task, as several other strong youth anglers have the same goal. Dave Saterbak, Maple Grove, who represented Minnesota at the JWC in 2005 in the 11-14 age group, is now moving to the 15-18 group and has his mind set on winning again.

"The great thing about the Minnesota Junior State Championship is that none of the kids walk away empty handed. Our junior sponsors have really stepped up big for the kids," said Youth Director Todd Saterbak. "We really appreciate the support we get from Berkley, MG Lures, All-Terrain Tackle and Mojo Rods." If you are interested in seeing Minnesota’s best young anglers, Lake Washington is the place to be Friday, June 30th.

More info @

So if you are in the area, go check out the weigh-in!


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Quick Walleye Report

Don't tell Jim Bratten over at Sportsman's Blog that I am walleye fishing....
Things are going well, we got our limit out on Lake of the Woods today. We launched out of city ramp in Warroad, MN. We went north up to Elm Creek area and found the fish in 4-5' water around scattered weeds. We drifted spinners with chubs & crawlers. My wife caught some nice walleyes and we had a good time. We ate most if the fish today, we will go back out tomorrow to get some for the freezer.


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Friday, June 23, 2006

Bassless Weekend?

Wife and I are going up to Warroad, MN to visit some family and to catch some walleyes on famed Lake of the Woods, this will be my one walleye outing of the year. Should be relaxing and good eating as we will probably be frying them up the first night.

Too bad Jim Moynagh could not quite pull the FLW AOY out his hat at Champlain, congrats to Anhtony Gagliardi.

Sam Lashlee is continuing to dominate at Kentucky Lake.


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Looking back and forwards...

The past weekend was the best of times and the worst of times as far as the club goes. A great day and a win on Crystal Lake and a disappointing two fish performance on Lake Marion. Now it's time to look forward to the Pan-O-Prog tournament on Marion and put my club performance behind me. I also need to keep an eye on the Weekend Series up on Whitefish, I need to get some solid practice in up there.

Congrats to Morizo Shimizu on his great comeback at the Bluegrass Brawl! Also, the FLW makes its final stop of the year on Lake Champlain and MN's own Jim Moynagh is right in the thick of the FLW AOY race and he has done well on Champlain before.


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Notes

Club Tournaments 3 & 4 this weekend, looking to move into 1st and build a lead, because I will probably not have time to prefish the last 4 club tournaments. Might sneak out to Marion for a few hours this evening for a little last minute prefishing. I need to protect a top seed for the Gopher Bassmasters Match Tournament.

The Kentucky Lake Blue Grass Brawl is in full swing and my fantasy team is looking strong after day 1 and KVD appears to be back.

TBF MN Jr. TOC is today at Prior Lake - 2pm weigh-in at Captain Jacks if you want to check it out.


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bronzeye Frog & Weekend in Review

Overall it was a good weekend on the Lakeville area lakes. I was on some quality fish and got some good fish on my new Natural Red Bronzeye Frog. It is definitely my new frog of choice, it casts well, walks great and the hook ups are better than average. I caught 4 or 5 fish on Crystal with one about 4.5lbs out from under a dock (Rojas style). On Marion, I only caught one, but it was over 4lbs as well. I paired my frog with a new 7'10" telescoping Trophy rod from Fleet Farm and 50# Power Pro Braided Line. It was a deadly combination. I think the frog will make a nice backup pattern or kicker fish plan for this weekends tourneys!

Tight Lines,

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Fishing Plans

I plan to prefish on Crystal Lake tomorrow morning, graduation parties in the afternoon evening. Sunday I will hit Lake Marion. These two lakes are the destination of my two club tournaments next weekend. After catching most of my fish deep on the Alexandria Chain last weekend, I am going to focus on deep fish for these tournaments as well.

On another note, I stopped by the Sportsman's Warehouse in Coon Rapids off Hwy 10. They has a bunch of Lucky Craft Sammys marked down to $9.99, that is about $4-5 cheaper than everyone else. Also they had a wide array of SPRO Dean Rojas Series Bronzeye Frogs & Reaction Innovations Swamp Donkeys for $5.99, most places are selling them for $7-8. I bought a couple of all 3 and plan to give them a whirl this weekend, its about time for Frogs & Topwaters to really get cranking!

P.S. did you see the Lobina Lures SlideJack on BassCenter last weekend? Its like a wacky rigged swimbait.

Tight Lines,

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Weekend in Review - June 4th

Friday and Saturday were mediocre days of practice on the Alexandria Chain and Sunday was a slightly better than average finish. A little dissapointing of what I expect from myself. I feel I should have made better decisions, I fished too much on yesterdays memories, rather then the moment. It is already the second time I have done that.... First time was Deer Lake. I really believe if I just would have started on my weedline or abdandoned the reeds a little quicker, it could have easily been a Top 5 finish rather then a Top 10.

Well enough about me and congrats to Mike McClelland and his domination performance on Grand Lake of the Cherokees.

Sam Lashlee takes the FLW Series at Old Hickory.


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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Headed for Le Homme Deu

One last Blog before my tournament this weekend up on the Alexandria Chain. I am amped to fish this one. Leaving tonight and plan to get two full days of practice. It was kind of nice only working 3 days this week. Sounds like a post spawn bite and I love to Junk Fish, so it should be a good tournament. Got some new stuff today and ready to give it a whirl. Check the Bassin' Blog early next week for the reports. Well I am on the way out the door....

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long Weekend

It was great to be fishing for bass close to home. I was not able to complete the Lakeville Trilogy as Lake Orchard access was full on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I tried to go.

Saturday - Fished from 7:30am to 10:30am with a buddy on Crystal Lake. I caught 3 nice fish and a little 12" all on Green Pumpkins Lake Fork Ring Frys,. We tried Swim Jig, chatterbaits, Spinnerbaits, Fork Frogs and other stuff, but no takers. It was getting hot fast and I had to head home to get ready for a surprise b-day party that I was throwing for my wife. The short fishing excursion was just part of the illusion, she may have suspected something if I had not went fishing on the opener ;)

Sunday - I went out with my neighbor on Lake Marion, he had never really targeted bass before. It was a tough bite, I caught one nice 3lb fish under a overhanging willow tree on a LFT Ring Fry and he caught a small northern as well. Our wives than joined us on the lake so we targeted panfish the rest of the afternoon. We both caught two nice bass on a baby clown colored Husky Jerk. 2:30pm it was just too damn hot and too many skiers, so we headed home.

Monday - 6am - 2pm on Crystal Lake with my club tournament partner John. We have a club tournament on Crystal on June 18th. It is really too early to be practicing as the fish are in a state of rapid transition, so it was more of a fun outing. Between us we caught 15 bass, most of which were in the 2-3lb range and one just over 4lb. Most fish we caught were on inside weedlines and a few around docks and trees. All John's fish came on a watermelon red flake Baby Brush Hog texas rigged with a small pegged sinker. I caught fish on LFT Ring Frys, Craw Tubes, Shakey Head Finesse worms & a brown & purple Swim Jig. I also caught a small northern on a pumpkin/gold chatterbait and also had a 2lb bass on and he spit the hook. It was tough early and the bite seem to get better as the day progressed, probably due to the approaching storms.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ahhhh at last, Bass Opener is less than 12hrs away. I think I will probably try the Lakeville Trilogy this weekend, Orchard, Marion & Crystal. They all have big bass potential with adequate numbers. Probably get up early every day, fish for a few hours and then head home as the crowds arrive. Should be fun and then next weekend I will get back to focusing on my tournaments. I thought about heading up to the Le Homme Deu chain to prefish the weekend series, but things will be changing so rapidly, it really does not pay to start until Thursday. It will be a good time to give some focus to chatterbaits as there is pressure to find or catch fish.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weekend in Review

Well it was an up and down weekend for me. Deer Lake was a disappointing tied for 4th place, while Wapogasset was a dominating 1st place & big fish sweep. That puts me in 2nd place, well with in striking distance (3.2lbs) with 6 tournaments to go.

Peter T. won the very first Bassmasters Memorial event ever held down in TX and somehow my DVR did not record the live weigh-in, major bummer. I wish they would replay it, did anyone record it?

Also announced today, Lay Lake - Birmingham, AL is the site for the 2007 Bassmasters Classic which will be Feb 23-25.

Oh yeah, this is the last week to get signed up for the Bassmasters Weekend Series - Northstar Division right here in Minnesota. Click Here for Details!

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Buzzbaits & Spinnerbaits for our Troops

Most of us anglers and outdoors people are very aware how important service men & women are to protecting our country. We also acknowledge, we would not be able to go fishing every weekend if it were not for them serving and protecting our freedoms. Are you looking for an easy way to give something back and acknowledge your appreciation?

I sent a link to my website to one of my co-workers and she went to Secret Weapon Lures and clicked on their "Support Our Troops" page, she then ordered a couple buzzbaits to be sent to troops returning home. I had noticed this before, but did not realize how interested people would be. After seeing her reaction and how great she thought it was, I decided to make a posting to offer this to all of you.

So check out this page and consider buying a spinnerbait, buzzbait or fishing cap for our service men & women returning home. These gifts will be awarded to the soldiers at a bass tournament organized be ABA this fall on Kentucky Lake where returning soldiers will be paired with experienced bass anglers for a day of fishing. Along with the baits will be a small card designating you as the donor.

Thanks to all our troops!
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Turn In Poachers - #TIP on your Cell Phone!

This is a great program, check it out! TIP Website

Also a good article on the TIP# cell phone program -

What does TIP do?

TIP furnishes rewards to callers providing information which leads to an arrest. Rewards range from up to $100 for fish, small game and non-game species violations, up to $250 for big game and endangered species violations and up to $1,000 for flagrant or commercial violations. Callers may remain anonymous.

TIP educates the public about the effect of poaching on Minnesota's game and fish through:
• The TIP 'Wall of Shame' at sportshows and other events.
• Educational activity books for young conservationists
• Speakers
• Brochures, billboards, license envelopes and newsletters

TIP needs your help!! You may report violations anonymously: Call 1-800-652-9093 or #TIP on your cell phone. Poachers are stealing from YOU.

Help Protect our Resources!
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Here is some interesting info for those of you that like to fish federation tournaments and qualify for divisional tournaments. The MN TBF Federation has its website up - and they have a 2006 Northern Divisional Qualifier set for June on Rush Lake. Check out their website for details.

Also, the new TBF/FLW National Federation site is up & running in conjunction with - They have a good article on swimming jigs as well.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Ready for a Bassin' Weekend

Got my boat out on the water Wednesday evening for a test run to make sure everything was operational. Thankfully it was all systems go and the motor ran great, I am just angry that I did not add more fuel since it was at least $.25/gallon cheaper that night than now :(

So I am officially ready to head to WI for some bass fishing while most of you will be hassling the walleyes here, and the novelty of WI opener should be warn off. So I will brave the weather on Deer Lake on Saturday and Wappogasset on Sunday. This is in preparation for my Gopher Bassmasters club tournaments the following weekend. I will also be able to test out my new Cyclone Lightning Blades & Gambler Swim Blades, I wonder if my real original chatterbaits that I ordered in January will ever show up......

Anyone else headed to WI or have any hot tips for those two lakes?

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Monday, May 08, 2006

New Bass Fishing Forum

The Minnesota Bass Federation Nation has added a forum to its website. There will be plenty of announcements on youth & conservation activities as well as fishing reports. Also if you have a question about a specific lure, line or technique..... just leave a question and plenty of members will get back to you with their opinions. Or just check out the main website @

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North View Fishing Experience

Check this out!

April 26, 2006
The North View Fishing Experience 2006

Dear Angler,
I’m writing to extend an invitation to join us for the 20th annual “Fishing Experience” for students at North View Junior High in Brooklyn Park. Actually you are an essential part of this day. The trip will be on Monday June 5, 2006 from 9 AM to 1:45 PM at Maynards Restaurant on Lake Minnetonka’s Excelsior Bay. Students who have signed up to come fishing will be excused from school for the day and will come to Maynards via school buses. Past successes and the trip history have set the stage and created student excitement for the event again this year. If you’re willing to volunteer time, equipment, and a bit of yourself, please read on!

I know asking for a day of your time to take a couple youngsters fishing is a giant request and for many of you I’ve asked each year for a lot of years. But I believe that this day really makes a difference in the lives of these young people. You can make this happen by doing what you love to doGo Fishing! I absolutely guarantee that the kids’ excitement will make a lasting memory for both you and the children!! Sometimes I forget that even though we’ve done this trip before (actually 20 times) many if not most of these kids have never had this experience and may not have the opportunity without your help.

There will be 2 students per boat (maybe 3 if room in your boat allows). Each team of adult and students will be encouraged to weigh 4 fish. All legal gamefish species, including sunfish will be allowed and there will be no minimum size limits. The event will be strictly Catch & Release. Live bait will be allowed but please bring your own. You’re invited to be part of a child’s first “fish story” or have first hand knowledge about “the one that got away!”

The fishing day will begin about 9 AM and end at 1:45 PM. (Guides plan to arrive about 8:45 for information regarding the day.) Activities will include a Maynards sponsored barbecue for everyone, random prize drawings for the kids and all the excitement of a tournament weigh-in hosted by John Hines from K102. As a guide please bring 2-3 rods and reels for the kids to use, 2-3 lifejackets for the kids to wear and appropriate tackle and bait. Students will bring their own pop and snacks for the lake. They will also be encouraged to bring their own tackle, sun screen and life vest but most simply don’t have equipment. The objective of the day is to introduce these young people to the sport of fishing in a positive and enjoyable way that leaves them wanting more! It also gives them a foundation for knowing how to with an expectation for success.

If you are willing and able to participate, please reply to this email, call me at school (763-585-7236) or fax the sheet to me (763-585-7210) to confirm your attendance. My email is: If you have friends or associates that would like to attend please extend an invitation. However, please confirm attendance because the volunteer numbers dictate how many children will be allowed to sign up. If possible please respond by May 20 to allow us time to get as many kids as possible on the water. Oh yes, the trip will go rain or shine unless there’s a storm with lightning!

Thanks very much!
Bill Hildebrand
North View Junior High
Brooklyn Park, MN

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Featured Bass Fishing Website

I came across a nice website with lots of Minnesota & Wisconsin Bass Fishing Tournament info -

They also have a nice Bass Tournament Forum

They have info on Angler's Edge, Fishers of Men and more. Including articles on bass techniques and more.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Save Bucks on Bass Tackle Online

If you find yourself looking for hard to find baits on line and not having much luck or do not like the high price tags on some of your favorite Japanese baits, its time to try eBay!. There are also a bunch of chatterbaits listed in auctions right now. Lucky Craft, Jackall, Daiwa, MegaBass and more!

You can find your favorite discontinued baits, fishing lines, reels & gear all in one place. I have bought several Lucky Craft Sammys & Pointers , Daiwa TD Vibrations and other expensive baits for up to 50% off of retail prices. I have been able to average about $8-10 for Lucky Craft baits of eBay. I have a buddy who loves the old fluorescent green Trilene line, but they do not make it anymore. He was able to find several bulk spools for pennies on the dollar on eBay!.

My greatest eBay finds have been some unique Shimano Scorpion reels from Japan. They are ultra high quality, plus they have a uniqueness that is something cool that the rest of your fishing buddies will envy.

It must be noted, that not everything lure or reel for sale will be a great discount, you need to bid smartly and keep at it, eventually you will find a few gems that slip through the cracks. While this can be challenging and time consuming, it can add to the thrill, its kind of like hunting for cool baits online. So go to, give it a whirl, all you need is an email to get started and it costs nothing unless you win. Its also a good way to turn some of your old fishing stuff into cash so that you can buy more new stuff.
Bid, Buy or Sell on eBay!

Happy Hunting,
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Cyclone Lightning Blade

Another lure manufacturer is jumping in to the ChatterBait lure market, V&M Lures, makers of Cyclone Lures, has released the Cyclone Lightning Blade. This seems pretty similar to other chatter style baits, like the Gambler Swim Blade & Venom Rattle Shake. It seems that Rad Lures inability to fill market demand has unintentionally invited extra players into their market space.

Also, several resourceful bass anglers are copying the original and making their own out of everything from soup cans to heating duct scrap. For those of you that are not quite as ambitious, Venom has produced a Venom Rattle Shake Kit that can convert your old lead head skirted jigs into chatterbait lures. You could also probably step it up a notch by putting the blades onto a tungsten jig :)

Tight Lines,
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Sunday, April 30, 2006

3:16 No Bull Frog

If you watched BassCenter this past week you saw what I am talking about. There is a new top frog in town, the 3:16 No Bull Frog, it is made by 3:16 Lures Company, same people that brought you the Mission Swim Fish. This 7" monster frog is sure to the the attention of the big fish in your favorite lake or pond. Its a soft plastic handpour that you use a 6/o - 8/o work hook. Check out the website for more details.

Dean Rojas and his Bronzeye Frog may need to step aside for awhile....
If anyone has one or used one, let us know what they are like. In doing some research on this new frog, I found a cool site for swimbaits -!

Be Afraid... VERY AFRAID!
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Choosing the Correct Fishing Line

Days are changing and it seems like you are at a serious disadvantage if you use one fishing line for everything you do. For years I would just switch brand and/or weight of monofilament to another. Now there are 3 main stays when it comes to choosing fishing line and none of them are the answer for every situation or technique. I am going to breakdown why I choose Mono, Braid and Fluorocarbon and for what situations. These are not the answers, just my thoughts and guidelines to get you started. Experiment and find out what you like best.

Braided Line (Super Lines) – This is a fairly broad category in itself. There are many types and brands of braided lines, and the all have there differences and advantages/disadvantages. For the most part, I am not a big fan of braided line, it just feels uncomfortable for me and its probably mostly a confidence thing. I think it stems form the fact that I like to feel a fish when I fish soft plastics, I do not set on the first tap. Thus when I lift to feel or weigh the fish with my rod tip, braid has no stretch, so the fish feels me faster and I feel more fish drop my bait. I mainly use braid for slop fishing (frogs& spoons etc.) and heavy flipping. So far I like Power Pro Braided Line and P-Line Spectrex IV Braided Line for my super line fishing. There are many anglers that use braid for just about everything, I am not one of them. One thing braid does, is increases sensitivity. It’s a great option for newer anglers; it helps them feel bites and contours. It also makes up for bad hook sets and less then average rods.

Monofilament & Copolymers – This was my mainstay when I first started fishing. I used Silver Thread AN40 for everything; it was a very good line. I still use mono for many things. I like a heavy mono for some flop and heavy cover situations. I like the feel and the way it loads up, almost like a bungee cord when you set into a big fish. For the most part, I use a ton of Cajun Red Line line, its red, tough as nails and very affordable. I have recently purchased some Gamma Copolymer Line & fluoro lines, I anxious to spool them up and test them out. Heavy mono is what I use for most of my dock fishing. I pair 20lb Cajun Line with a 7ft baitcasting rod. The heavy line and baitcasting rod give me a lot of power to horse fish out from under docks & piers. It also seems to help me skip, that stiffer heavier line almost pushed the bait back under the dock, lighter lines tend to sink into the water quicker and reduce distance on skipping for me. Mono is a must for topwaters as well, it floats so it helps the action. I also you some mono for jerkbaits, crankbaits and spinnerbaits based on how the depth I am fishing. If I shallow cranking, I will likely use mono because I feel it helps the bait rebound of cover and structure. If I am fishing these baits where more depth is desired, I probably will go with Fluorocarbon.

Fluorocarbon – I have only been using fluorocarbon based fishing lines for a little over a year and I find myself using them more and more. I started out with P-Line Floroclear Line , which is a copolymer line coated in fluorocarbon. I really liked this line in 10lb & 12lb, for crankbaits & jerkbaits. I feel like I get a little more depth to the sinking properties and I get a better feel from my baits. The low stretch also gives better action to my Husky Jerks & Pointers. It has been good for spinnerbaits, lipless cranks and other deep water applications. I tried using it in heavier sizes for fishing around cover and I started to break off on hook sets. I never have problems with Cajun line in the same situations. I think by going with a true quality fluorocarbon like Gamma Edge may solve these problems. I recentl tried some 16lb Gamma Edge on a baitcaster for a swim jig, I thought I got excellant performance. I also really like fluorocarbon for finesse fishing with jig worms, Shakey Heads , Mojo Rigs and drop shotting.

I hope this helps you make better decisions when you are faced with ever expanding option of the fishing line wall at your local sporting goods stores.

Tight Lines,
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