Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Buzz!

Check out Tru-Tungsten's New Elite Series Buzzbait, it looks Killer!
Tru-Tungsten Buzzbait - Elite Series - Baby Bass Tru-Tungsten® Buzzbaits are designed by Larry Niixon with an extremely low profile, allowing for incredible action and feel. Super-sharp Black Nickel Hooks are used, and the Hydro-Silk high-tech polymer skirt not only floats in the water with incredible life-like action, but also holds a scent and will not melt.
Adjustable for clacker or commotion action for louder or more subtle sound
Planes at any retrieve speed
A Duraseal™ coating is applied for a colorfast, ultra-smooth finish
Spring-tempered piano wire for extra vibration
Joint technology makes for more hook sets
Flexible collar for jointed hook ensures hook tracking and stabilization
Free Bleeding Bait Hooks™ trailer hook
25% longer and more accurate casting

Click on Image for more details! What a perfect stocking stuffer for yourself or your favortie bass nut ;)

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