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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IMA Square Bill Video Review

Check out this great video review from WFN with Matt Paino breaking down what is cool about the IMA Square Bill crankbait & why it is such a fish catcher!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Good Deal on a Great Frog

Just ran across this deal on Mad Maxx frogs. These quickly became my favorite frogs in 2010. In my opinion they are better then the similar looking Spro Bronzeye frogs because of a few reasons:
Softer body = better hook ups
Rattles included
Most importantly, built in drain hole, means never squeezing water out of frog and no sinking frogs!
The Mad Maxx was designed by Greg Hackney, Marty Stone & Mike Iaconelli.

So at the marked down price of $4.79 each, they cannot be beat! Order 11 of them or more & get FREE SHIPPING!

Bluegrass is my favorite color followed by Big Sexy! Is there anything really more fun then catching big bass on floating frogs?