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Thursday, December 20, 2007

3 Baits I think you should try for 2008

Browsing through online tackle sites and their new arrivals sections, here are three baits that I think will be solid producers in 2008! Warning! I am cannot be held accountable for impulse buys.
Buy this ProductSworming Hornet Drop Shot Fish Head
New for your soft plastic baits, an ultra lite realistic head. The features are endless as the bait has 3D holographic eyes and multi stage paint. Made with premium Gamakatsu hooks. The lead free design and the hole through the center of the head keeps your bait hook out and hook up just the way you want it to be. After tying your favorite knot, place the tag end of the line back through the hook eye and through the hole in the center of the Drop Shot Fish Head directly under the hook eye. Add your favorite soft plastic, and "Sting ‘em with a HORNET."
Just add your favorite fluke type bait to make the perfect darter head or drop bait. 2 per pack. Click to Buy

Buy this ProductXCalibur One Knocker $ 9.99
Something old - SOmething new. A guarded secret of old-time pros meets modern technology in the one knocker Xrk75. A perfectly engineered lipless crankbait that emits a fish attracting, rhythmic knock with its single forged tungsten/lead weight while puching an enormous amount of water as it vibrates over grass and other structure. The One Knocker rattle is especially effective oh highly pressured bodies of water where big bass get accustomed to seeing every type of rattlebait known to man. 3" long, 3/4 oz. Click to Buy

Buy this ProductSpro Little John Crankbaits
"We built the SPRO Little John crankbaits to run at depths of 3 to 5 feet. We used a computer chip board for the lip to create more feel and to be more durable. A silent weight transfer system using soft tungsten translates into incredibly long casts for a small crankbait, even in windy conditions. We used the world's sharpest trebles - Gamakatsu. I think the SprO "Little John" crankbaits are the best shallow running crankbaits, period."
- Designed by John Crews, Professional Tournament Angler
(Weight 1/2 oz., Size 50mm)
Click to Buy

A unique dropshot rig that will give the fish a different presentation for when they are keyed in on shad. A lipless crank with a unique sound for highly pressured bass and a new square bill for cranking shallow docks, rocks & wood. If nothing else, great little stocking stuffers.

Tight Lines,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Goby Wan Kenobi

I guess this is where Star Wars meets Bass Fishing at Cabin Creek Lures. I was browsing online tackle shops as I often do, and came across this very creatively named Goby imitation. It looks like a solid design, but more props because of its cool name. I think I will buy a pack or two for their efforts next time I place an order at

Buy this ProductCabin Creek Goby Wan Kenobi
These salty hand poured goby style baits are perfect for those midwest fishermen looking to mimic the goby baitfish. Perfect for Smallmouth and other game fish. 3" 10 per pack. Click to Buy

I think it will be a solid drop shot bait whether you live on the great lakes or not. It would be clever if they said it was impregnated with a special scent... maybe "The Force"....

Tight Lines,

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Looking for a new Jig Chunk?

If any of you like to throw a jig, you know that all jig chunks and trailers are not created equal. Browsing the web today, I think I found what could be my new favorite jig trailer. I have not tried them, but from the review I read and what I see, I think I will love these....

So here is what it looks like....
Buy this ProductV&M Mud Bug

Here is the summary from the TackleTour review:

"Conclusion: Sometimes you just stumble onto a bait that surprises you
with its effectiveness. Such was the case with the V&M Mud Bug. I bought a
couple of packs simply to fill out an order and make the shipping worthwhile.
When I put it through our typical TackleTour testing procedures, my eyes opened
wide at those floating appendages. What a treat! If you're disappointed with the
recent flap over a certain plastic craw-like bait that teased us with its
availability but was suddenly not available again and are looking for a trailer
to help make your jig fishing experience more effective, you'd do well to check
out the V&M Mud Bug, but be careful, before you know it, you may be ordering
a few of those very convenient pack of 100 baits!"

I will be purchasing some of these soon and will let you
know how I like them ;)


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Act Quick - Shimano Rebate

Good news, just in time for Christmas, Shimano has issued a rebate program on 3 of their best bass fishing reels.

$50 of of Curados, $30 of Citicas & $20 off the already value priced Cruxis. Stock up for Christmas while there is still time.

Just click on this link, then click on the rebate tab.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Swimbait or Sex Toy?

I think it may be a great idea for a new game show....
but seriously, when I first saw a picture of this concoction, that is exactly what popped into my head.
Gambler Brutus Swimbaits

Brand new for 2008, the Gambler Brutus Swimbaits have a unique style. It features a solid body with a elongated paddle tails. 2 sizes available in 2008. Kind of a sexy little swimbait, almost more of a grub.

Well if anyone has used one of these and they can confirm what it really is or if it is a bass fishing lure, I would love to hear about it... LOL!!!