Sunday, December 16, 2007

Goby Wan Kenobi

I guess this is where Star Wars meets Bass Fishing at Cabin Creek Lures. I was browsing online tackle shops as I often do, and came across this very creatively named Goby imitation. It looks like a solid design, but more props because of its cool name. I think I will buy a pack or two for their efforts next time I place an order at

Buy this ProductCabin Creek Goby Wan Kenobi
These salty hand poured goby style baits are perfect for those midwest fishermen looking to mimic the goby baitfish. Perfect for Smallmouth and other game fish. 3" 10 per pack. Click to Buy

I think it will be a solid drop shot bait whether you live on the great lakes or not. It would be clever if they said it was impregnated with a special scent... maybe "The Force"....

Tight Lines,

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