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Thursday, December 20, 2007

3 Baits I think you should try for 2008

Browsing through online tackle sites and their new arrivals sections, here are three baits that I think will be solid producers in 2008! Warning! I am cannot be held accountable for impulse buys.
Buy this ProductSworming Hornet Drop Shot Fish Head
New for your soft plastic baits, an ultra lite realistic head. The features are endless as the bait has 3D holographic eyes and multi stage paint. Made with premium Gamakatsu hooks. The lead free design and the hole through the center of the head keeps your bait hook out and hook up just the way you want it to be. After tying your favorite knot, place the tag end of the line back through the hook eye and through the hole in the center of the Drop Shot Fish Head directly under the hook eye. Add your favorite soft plastic, and "Sting ‘em with a HORNET."
Just add your favorite fluke type bait to make the perfect darter head or drop bait. 2 per pack. Click to Buy

Buy this ProductXCalibur One Knocker $ 9.99
Something old - SOmething new. A guarded secret of old-time pros meets modern technology in the one knocker Xrk75. A perfectly engineered lipless crankbait that emits a fish attracting, rhythmic knock with its single forged tungsten/lead weight while puching an enormous amount of water as it vibrates over grass and other structure. The One Knocker rattle is especially effective oh highly pressured bodies of water where big bass get accustomed to seeing every type of rattlebait known to man. 3" long, 3/4 oz. Click to Buy

Buy this ProductSpro Little John Crankbaits
"We built the SPRO Little John crankbaits to run at depths of 3 to 5 feet. We used a computer chip board for the lip to create more feel and to be more durable. A silent weight transfer system using soft tungsten translates into incredibly long casts for a small crankbait, even in windy conditions. We used the world's sharpest trebles - Gamakatsu. I think the SprO "Little John" crankbaits are the best shallow running crankbaits, period."
- Designed by John Crews, Professional Tournament Angler
(Weight 1/2 oz., Size 50mm)
Click to Buy

A unique dropshot rig that will give the fish a different presentation for when they are keyed in on shad. A lipless crank with a unique sound for highly pressured bass and a new square bill for cranking shallow docks, rocks & wood. If nothing else, great little stocking stuffers.

Tight Lines,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Goby Wan Kenobi

I guess this is where Star Wars meets Bass Fishing at Cabin Creek Lures. I was browsing online tackle shops as I often do, and came across this very creatively named Goby imitation. It looks like a solid design, but more props because of its cool name. I think I will buy a pack or two for their efforts next time I place an order at

Buy this ProductCabin Creek Goby Wan Kenobi
These salty hand poured goby style baits are perfect for those midwest fishermen looking to mimic the goby baitfish. Perfect for Smallmouth and other game fish. 3" 10 per pack. Click to Buy

I think it will be a solid drop shot bait whether you live on the great lakes or not. It would be clever if they said it was impregnated with a special scent... maybe "The Force"....

Tight Lines,

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Looking for a new Jig Chunk?

If any of you like to throw a jig, you know that all jig chunks and trailers are not created equal. Browsing the web today, I think I found what could be my new favorite jig trailer. I have not tried them, but from the review I read and what I see, I think I will love these....

So here is what it looks like....
Buy this ProductV&M Mud Bug

Here is the summary from the TackleTour review:

"Conclusion: Sometimes you just stumble onto a bait that surprises you
with its effectiveness. Such was the case with the V&M Mud Bug. I bought a
couple of packs simply to fill out an order and make the shipping worthwhile.
When I put it through our typical TackleTour testing procedures, my eyes opened
wide at those floating appendages. What a treat! If you're disappointed with the
recent flap over a certain plastic craw-like bait that teased us with its
availability but was suddenly not available again and are looking for a trailer
to help make your jig fishing experience more effective, you'd do well to check
out the V&M Mud Bug, but be careful, before you know it, you may be ordering
a few of those very convenient pack of 100 baits!"

I will be purchasing some of these soon and will let you
know how I like them ;)


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Act Quick - Shimano Rebate

Good news, just in time for Christmas, Shimano has issued a rebate program on 3 of their best bass fishing reels.

$50 of of Curados, $30 of Citicas & $20 off the already value priced Cruxis. Stock up for Christmas while there is still time.

Just click on this link, then click on the rebate tab.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Swimbait or Sex Toy?

I think it may be a great idea for a new game show....
but seriously, when I first saw a picture of this concoction, that is exactly what popped into my head.
Gambler Brutus Swimbaits

Brand new for 2008, the Gambler Brutus Swimbaits have a unique style. It features a solid body with a elongated paddle tails. 2 sizes available in 2008. Kind of a sexy little swimbait, almost more of a grub.

Well if anyone has used one of these and they can confirm what it really is or if it is a bass fishing lure, I would love to hear about it... LOL!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mend-It Like Beckham....

Here is a relatively new product, that I think is a must have for just about anyone that spends time throwing soft plastics for bass or other species. The product I am referring to is Mend-It!
Mend It! Soft Bait Glue
Mend-It! is a soft plastic repair solution that chemicly welds your plastic back together. Mend-It leaves the repaired area as soft as the original bait because it simply "melts" the bait back together. Mend-It doesn't stick to your hands, your boat or your clothes, it only causes two pieces of soft-plastic lure to melt back together invisibly. Perfect for Senkos, SwimBait and other expensive soft baits that tear easily. Works better then Super Glue & never glue your fingers together or to your bait again. Also, when you are in a tournament or out on the lake and you only have a couple of the baits that you are really killing the bass on....
Now you can save your day or possibly cash a check by repairing your old used baits on the fly to get you through until you can buy more. This is really a product that will save you money in the long run ;) Don't believe it..... Check out this video - CLICK HERE
Here is a shorter video as well!

And if you are going to plop down good money on eBay for BassTrix, then you cannot afford to not to have a bottle or two of Mend-It! to make them last ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can't get Basstrix Paddle Tail Tubes?

Right now the Basstrix Paddle Tail Tube is the hottest thing around and hardly anyone can get their hands on any, I have heard they are going for $20 a pack on eBay right now. If you have not seen them, this is what they look like.

I have not used them myself, but have heard tons about them and they sound like the real deal. Recently I have come across a few other baits that look pretty similar and are much easier to get your hands on as well maybe a bit cheaper. Not too different then the original chatterbait, when they were impossible to get, many companies duplicated and in some cases came out with superior baits, so here is your chance to possibly be ahead of the curve and find maybe something better :)
First off, is the Money Lures Money Minnow, when I first saw it, I thought it was a BassTrix minnow. I am planning on ordering some of these for my trip to Clarks Hill ;) Check out the description and images below.

Buy this ProductMoney Lures Money Minnow
The money minnow are custom hand made swimbaits, using a 5 step process. Excellent colors, excellent finish. 5" long, 4 baits per pack.

Introducing Poor Boy’s ‘new age’ swim bait – The Silly Rabbit. Work it like a fluke using the light weighted hook (included) or swim like a fish using the heavier weighted hook (included). You will be impressed with its fish catching action!!!

Looks alot like the Bass Trix & Money Minnow.

Last but not least....... Looks a bit different, but is also the cheapest and most affordable and made by a company that makes great baits in general........

Buy this ProductReaction Innovations Skinny Dipper Series
New from RI, these shad style swimbaits feature the beaver style rib pattern on the back, and has a slit in the belly for the hook. The single paddle tail is 3/4" wide, which creates lots of action, water splashing and noise as you retrieve this bait.

Well for all of you that cannot get your hands on the BassTrix baits, I hope this helps you get your fix until production catches up with demand.
Tight Lines,

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Couple off new Soft Plastic Baits

Here are a couple of newly released soft plastic baits that may give you an edge out bass fishing with your buds or in your next tournament. The fist is the Stike King Coffee Tube which debuted at ICAST, but is just not hitting the shelves. The 2nd is the Yamamoto Flappin Hog, this is a sweet looking flippin' creature style bait.

Buy this ProductStrike King Coffee Tubes

Buy this ProductGary Yamamoto Flappin' Hog II
This bait has been the talk of the town since its debut in 2006. The redesigned flaps increase motion and vibration making it even more deadly on bass.

This heavy compact bait has great action when Texas or Carolina rigged. Use it with any jig head or add it to your favorite flippin jig and you have a winning fish catching combination!

Coffee scented tubes and soft plastics are a creative idea, who knows if they work, but that is what I first thought about garlic, and I am a firm believer that Garlic spray and scent is something that fish like.

And how can you go wrong with this funky looking pile of appendages???

If anyone has used either of these, drop a comment and let us know how they work.


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Check out these new sticks!

Man have I been neglecting this Blog, just not enough time to fish and write about fishing sometimes. Lets look back a post or two and look at that new sweet Shimano Core Reel, then imagine pairing it with one of these bad boys.....

Buy this ProductShimano Cumara Casting Rods
Premium Bottom Contact Rods. The new Cumara ultra-performance bass rod series is specifically designed for bottom bouncing techniques. Featuring IM-10 graphite blanks, Fuji® Sic guides and custom performance reel seats, Cumara is simply the lightest, most sensitive, innovatively designed rod series you will ever fish.

  • High Modulus IM-10 Graphite Blank Construction
  • Custom Etched Butt Cap
  • Convenient Hook Keeper
  • Casting Handle
  • Fuji SIC Black Frame Guides
  • Custom Reel Seat with Carbon Insert
  • Shaped Eva Foam Grips

  • I am pretty sure I can see this combo in my future for next spring. Closed Circuit to Mrs. Clause, never too early to start thinking about Christmas and my B-day is just before Thanksgiving. Hint... Hint....


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    Thursday, August 09, 2007

    Is this for Real?

    I think Lucky Craft may have taken realism of hard baits to a new level with this one.....

    Buy this ProductLucky Craft Pointer Real Skin Series
    You have heard about them. Available from Pitman Creek Wholesale on August 3rd. The Real Skin Pointer has the same action as the popular Lucky Craft Pointers. Nothing has changed, except for the addition of the fish skin on the outside.

    Pointer 78 dives 4-5 ft, Suspending, 3.25", 5/16 oz
    Pointer 100 dives 4-5 ft, Suspending, 4", 5/8 oz

    Man it looks like they are actually wrapping real fish skin around these baits..... That is wild!

    Friday, August 03, 2007

    Hot New Shimano Reel

    Within in the past few days I have seen several bass fishing tackle online stores advertising a brand new Shimano Baitcaster. Its the Shimano Core Reel, it looks really sweet and I find myself drawn to it like a moth to a flame....

    Buy this ProductShimano Core Baitcasting Reel
  • Ultra-Lightweight Magnesium Frame and Sideplate

  • Ultra-Lightweight A7075 Aluminum Spool Construction

  • Magnumlite Spool Design This spool provides extremely low startup inertia for increased line control and casting performance even when using lightweight baits or lures. This is accomplished through using lightweight aluminum alloys and a unique design that moves the mass of the spool outward.
  • S A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings) are specially treated stainless steel ball bearings that are at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings.
  • A-RB Roller Bearing
  • High Efficiency Gearing (HEG) is not only the oversized gears, but also includes the setplate and sideplate, which allow for a high speed retrieve while providing unbelievable fish-moving torque.
  • Super Stopper is a one-way roller bearing that eliminates backplay for solid hooksets.
  • Super Free (SF) bearing supported pinion gear system eliminates friction between the pinion gear and spool shaft for increased freespool.
  • Variable Brake System (VBS) uses centrifugal force rather than magnets to aid in controlling the cast for increased distance and adjustability.
  • Reduced Mass VBS hub reduces the weight of the spool increasing freespool and reducing start up inertia.
  • Escape Hatch Easy to use trigger allows quick access to the VBS weights and keeps the sideplate smooth for comfort when palming the reel.
  • Dartainium Drag material provides a wide range of drag settings and the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.
  • Cold Forged Handle Shank is much stronger than a pressed or cast handle for non-flexing durability.
  • Clicking Drag Adjustment
  • Septon® Handle Grips This handle grip material is soft to the touch and does not get slippery when wet.
  • Recessed Reel Foot allows the reel to sit closer to the rod for comfort and maneuverability.
  • Instagage II (CORE100MG Only) This feature brings all of the benefits of the original Instagage feature by allowing the angler to engage and disengage the clutch using only the thumb. However, it uses a one-piece thumb bar, providing more access to the spool. This makes threading line though the line guide easier, and it gives the angler's thumb more room to control the spool during the cast or other freespool applications. There is also more room to clear backlashes.
  • PV Power Grips (CORE100MGFV Only) These oversized paddle grips provide extra power and remain comfortable after a full day of deep cranking.
  • Cold Forged Aluminum Drag Star
  • Aluminum Cast Control Knob
  • Rubber Shielded Cast Control Knob
  • Tapered Ti Levelwind Insert
  • Drilled Handle Shank reduces the weight of the reel without sacrificing strength.
  • High Speed 6.2:1 Gear Ratio (CORE100MG Only)
  • Lightweight Aluminum Drive Gear (CORE100MG Only)
  • Paddle Grips (CORE100MG Only)
  • Super High Speed 7.0:1 Gear Ratio (CORE100MGFV Only)
  • Heavy Duty Brass Drive Gear (CORE100MGFV Only)

  • Maybe its the list of features that go on a mile long that gets me excited. I did recently order a brand new Shimano Curado DHSV, which is the burner Curado and that is a sweet reel as well. Maybe I should have held out for the Core, if I had only known it was coming....


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    Monday, July 02, 2007

    I got Two New Baits

    Just got a couple new baits from Jackall. Been to busy to get out and use them, but they look sweet. The first is the Jackall Aragon which is nice little jointed crank that is supposed to make noise as the body hits itself. The 2nd lure, a Jackall Mask Vibe, is a hybrid lipless crank soft sided bait. It has the head of a lipless bait and the body of soft plastic with a realistic fleshy feel and look.

    Check back for reports on how they work.

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    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    Aaron Martens Scrounger

    You may have heard about this bait before, now you can get them

    Buy this ProductAaron Martens Lures The Scrounger
    The Scrounger creates vibration and an incredible realistic action that works on all species of game fish. It has a live bait swimming action. Easy to fish and practically snag-free. A secret on the pro tours is now available to everyone!

    From what I can tell, I think it's actually a bit similar to a chatterbait style lure, just take your favorite plastic bodied lure, like a shad, grub, creature or whatever and swim it in the areas you want. Aaron has been using these baits for a long time and now he is producing them and making them available under his new lure company. I think I will have to get a couple packs to keep in the boat ;)

    P.S. I changed the template a bit, hope you like the new look!


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    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Berkley Trilene Releases new Fluorocarbon

    You probably have heard plenty about many bass fishing pros using the new Berkley Fluorocarbon and how great it is and how its not available to the public yet, well now it is!

    Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Line
    Get the new line that everybody is talking about! Berkley has 48 B.A.S.S. and 33 FLW Pro’s already currently fishing with this line. The line boats the following properties:

    -Ultimate Invisibility-The invisible fluorocarbon. Similar refractive index as water so fish can’t see it.

    -Ultimate Impact Strength-Proprietary 100% PVDF formula specially processed for the ultimate in impact strength.

    -Higher Strength per Diameter-The ultimate fluorocarbon, diameter for diameter.

    -Excellent Manageability-Lower memory for superior casting.

    I never had good luck with Vanish, but this is supposed to be far superior line, I will probably order a spool or two and give it a whirl. Interestingly enough it comes in clear & green. I like the sounds of green fluorocarbon....

    Would love to hear from anyone else that has tried it,

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    Friday, June 08, 2007

    Fantasy Football Jigs

    Fantasy Football meats Bass Fishing
    I just got a bunch of new Fantasy Football jigs from Picasso which is a Fish Harder company. These are sweet looking football heads, great head and hook. The hook is just about right, heavy enough so you can lean on big fish and fine enough so you get good hook sets on long casts. I was impressed on how well the jig stood up by itself on my desk, just think if it had a trailer on it under water :)

    They come with a nice rattle that is removable and it has a nice trailer keeper molded onto the shank of the hook which I really like. I got some spots all picked for these when I return from Europe :)

    Tight Lines,

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    Friday, May 25, 2007

    Rapala X-Rap Shad Rap, is it worth the Hype?

    There has been a lot of hype and talk about this bait. You have to admit, it makes a lot of sense to combine two great baits in the Shad Rap & the X-Rap both made by one of the best hard bait makers of all time.

    Buy this ProductRapala X-Rap Shad Rap
    Rapala has taken the X-Rap technology and combined it with the Shad Rap to create the X-Rap Shad! Fish should get ready to take a boat ride. The X-Rap Shad with its 3D holographic eyes, internal holograhhic foil, and flash foil teaser tail will become the most sought after crankbait instantly. The new 06 size is the perfect size and runs 6' to 11' for a variety of fish, especially bass.

    I am guessing this will be must have in just about every tackle box in no time....


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    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    Ready for a Shakedown?

    I just ordered some new shakey head jigs and I am pretty excited to get them & put them to the test bass fishing. These are designed by Mr. Clausen himself and he knows a little bit about Shaking a finesse head for bass.

    Buy this ProductPicasso Luke Clausen Shakedown Jigs
    Picasso Luke Clausen Shakedown heads use a patent-pending flexible nickel titanium spring (bait keeper) along with a cross-eye Gamakatsu hook to give you the best “shakey style” head on the market. The flexible nickel titanium spring always comes back to position after each fish without breaking.
    Because of its super soft elasticity, the spring allows the entire hook gap to be maintained during hook set. The “give” of the spring allows anglers to lock down and shake their plastics in cover or skip docks without ever losing or tearing the soft plastics. Because of the spring’s small size, finesse worms (such as Roboworms or other thin hand poured plastics) can be rigged very straight with no “hump.” It also prevents the plastic from tearing.

    The Luke Clausen Shakedown heads are coated with the super tough Duraseal™ process, increasing the sensitivity and allowing them to hold up like no other on the market. This Duraseal coating is the same coating that is used on Tru-Tungsten Sinkers and Jigs, its an excellent finish. I just ordered several of each size in Black & Brown/Purple Fleck. I plan to give a full report when I get them in ;)


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    Friday, April 27, 2007

    Do Bass Fishing Scents make Sense?

    I saw that Mustad has just released a couple new fish attractants. I believe these are a relaunch of Mustad Ultra Bite attractant that was out a year or so ago, but the marketing was not so good and the dispensing was not so good. Looks like they fixed that with a pump applicator as well as a gel, which I kind of like gels for my Jigs.

    Buy this ProductMustad Activate Spray
    Use the Activate Spray for easy application. Includes glitter flecks for added attraction. Re-Apply when flecks have washed off bait. 3 oz pump spray

    Buy this ProductMustad Activate Gel
    Activate Gel is a sticky formulation for longer lasting pheromone release. Squeeze on the bait and spread over to form a thin coating with your fingers. Then watch the results.

    Why it makes fish feed

  • Formulated with Phero-Tech - today's most sophisticated pheromone technology
  • Activate causes a sensory feeding response that attracts fish and stimulates feeding.
  • Extremely easy to apply to baits, lures and chum.

  • Personally, I like to use scents and attractants when I fish for bass. I feel there is no down side to using them and I think at the bare minimum they do a decent job of masking any offensive odors that my hands may leave on my baits and I think in the long run they will get you more bites. They also act as a lubricant when you lure is sliding over and through wood & weeds ;) I am pretty sure, less hang ups will mean more bites as well!

    I have never used these products as they are brand new, but I utilized another pheromone based gel last year on my jig and I think it really helped. What attractants do you all like to use or do you think that all these scents are bunk?


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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    The 'Buzz' on frogs & toads for Bass Fishing

    In case some of you are not aware, there is a deadly creation out there called the Buzz Frog or Swimming Toad out there and bass are crushing them. Its basically a hybrid baits that takes the allure of a frog and a buzzbait and wraps it into a soft plastic package! From what I can tell, Zoom started it with their Horny Toad and now just about everyone has a spin on it. Check out a sampling below. They work in places regular frogs don't and the hook % is much higher with these ;)

    Buy this ProductZoom Ultravibe Horny Toad - This is where it all started

    Buy this ProductSizmic Toads - Sizmic made a splash shortly there after, they have some floating & chugging versions as well.

    Buy this ProductGambler Cane Toad - This is my personal favorite & I think it has the best sound

    Buy this ProductBerkley Gulp Bat Wing Frog - Not sure how important scent dispersion of Gulp! is for topwater...

    Buy this ProductKicker Fish Xplodin' Toad - never used it, but looks like a solid design

    Buy this ProductMann's HardNose Swim Toad - I have heard good things about the durability of this product, more fish per bait

    Buy this ProductYum Buzz Frog - This is probably my second favorite one that I have used

    Buy this ProductV&M Bayou Bull Frog

    Buy this ProductWave Worms Tiki-Toad

    Buy this ProductNetBait Paca Toad - Honestly, this one puzzles me, does not seem like it would create much of a disturbance, maybe for more subtle presentations, I think it would be a great jig trailer...

    I think all these will put bass in your boat, I would be interested to hear which are your favorites or if you have comments on the models I have not tried yet. Either way, if you do not have any, you are missing out!


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    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    Evolutionary Bass Fishing Jig?

    Sorry its been awhile since I have made an entry. Fishing Amistad and traveling for work have limited time. This jig just seems to popular not to touch on it.

    Buy this ProductMega Strike Evolution Jigs
    The Most Innovative Jig Ever Built. ALWAYS lands in STANDUP position no matter what!!!! The Evolution Jig is the first real innovative jig design to come along in over 40 years. Our NEW, Advanced Skirt Forward Technology, along with our virtually invisible Fluorocarbon Weed guard, makes this the jig of choice. Evolution is the only jig to also have our patent pending flaring disk and skid plate. These qualities allow the Evolution jig to respond to every movement of the rod tip, continuing to keep the Evolution Jig in an upright crawfish defense stature.

    Finesse Jig: available in these sizes: 3/16, 5/16, and 7/16
    Heavy Cover Jig: Available in these sizes: 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4
    Jigs are sold in packs of two.

    In short, this is a premium jig, that has some very unique characteristics. Most of us think are jigs stand up, but I am guessing they are nothing like this one.

    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    Check out the new Phat Flies

    The all new Spro Phat Flies
    Buy this ProductThe SPRO Phat Flies were designed to take Float and Fly bass fishing to a new level. Not only designed to catch fish in the harshest conditions, these jigs are designed to catch big California trophy bass. Colors painstakingly matched to the most prevalent baitfish in North American waters. Perfectly balanced to sit horizontal under the bobber. Built with the worlds sharpest Gamakatsu hooks. The SPRO Phat Flies are the best on the market, period! These look awesome and I think they will be deadly in the winter through early spring. So if you live in middle to northern part of the country, buy them now and put them to use. Here is a link to a radio show explaining how to use them and their effectiveness.


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    Friday, February 09, 2007

    More Great Bass Fishing Baits from Japan

    Most of you have heard about Lucky Craft and Daiwa fishing lures and aware they make very high quality hard baits, but there is another emerging player in this game and that is Jackall Lures.

    Jackall is an established Japanese Fishing Lure company founded by pro fishermen and ex lure designers from the other major Japanese lure houses. Jackall is focused on creating innovative fishing lures using the latest in engineering technologies. Their fast prototype fabrication methods combined with immediate pro staff in the field fishing tests allows them to create some of the most techonologically advanced and finely tuned fishing lures in the industry. Jackall Lures USA has field tested the Japanese lures in the U.S. for a number of years and has released ONLY the lures field tested and approved to catch fish in the U.S. The lures made available here have been proven to catch fish in the U.S.!


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    Friday, February 02, 2007

    Two Hot New Plastics from Zoom

    I am sure you have all used Zoom Plastics at some point and know that they make high quality fish catching soft plastics in an endless rainbow of colors....

    Check out their two latest additions for 2007:
    Buy this ProductZoom Super Speed Craw

    I love and use the original Zoom Ultravibe Speed Craw all the time, and my only complaint was how small it was for some situations, I cannot wait to get me a couple bags of these in Green Pumpkin!!!

    Buy this ProductZoom Grass Craw
    The new grass craw is very similar to the Gambler B.B. Cricket which is a popular matt flipping bait in Florida.

    These both will be fantastic flipping baits ;)


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