Sunday, December 09, 2007

Looking for a new Jig Chunk?

If any of you like to throw a jig, you know that all jig chunks and trailers are not created equal. Browsing the web today, I think I found what could be my new favorite jig trailer. I have not tried them, but from the review I read and what I see, I think I will love these....

So here is what it looks like....
Buy this ProductV&M Mud Bug

Here is the summary from the TackleTour review:

"Conclusion: Sometimes you just stumble onto a bait that surprises you
with its effectiveness. Such was the case with the V&M Mud Bug. I bought a
couple of packs simply to fill out an order and make the shipping worthwhile.
When I put it through our typical TackleTour testing procedures, my eyes opened
wide at those floating appendages. What a treat! If you're disappointed with the
recent flap over a certain plastic craw-like bait that teased us with its
availability but was suddenly not available again and are looking for a trailer
to help make your jig fishing experience more effective, you'd do well to check
out the V&M Mud Bug, but be careful, before you know it, you may be ordering
a few of those very convenient pack of 100 baits!"

I will be purchasing some of these soon and will let you
know how I like them ;)



BassFishingDem said...

So after all this time, how do you like them? Since I'm in Louisiana, I thought I might give 'em a try.

Unknown said...

They have great action, more durable then the Paca Chunks but not as duable as the standard chunk