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Monday, December 15, 2008

30% off some great gift ideas from Secret Weapon Lures!

This gift idea is actually going to be a 3 in 1 combo platter because the guys at Secret Weapon Lures have too much cool stuff to just list one thing!!! Also, I have attached a 30% off coupon code at the bottom of this entry for you being a reader!!! This coupon code is good for buying single spinnerbaits & buzzbaits as well, so if you are already a SWL fan, you can use it to stock up!
Gift Idea #1: Recoil Rig™ Gift Pack
Need the perfect gift to thrill an angler who seems to already have everything? This gift pack supplies special tools an angler can use to coax the biggest bass out of the thickest cover. Bring your drop shotting and finesse presentations to a new level.

Keep your bait back where the biggest fish lurk. Twitch, shake, shimmy, splash, and tremble it until a trophy-size bass, snook, walleye, trout, or red fish can't stand it any longer, then hold on! The secret in this weapon is the Spectra™-wrapped latex shock cord that stretches between the fishing line and sinker. Every motion of your rod tip is transferred to the lure, creating incredibly life-like action. Improves catch rates for soft plastics, live bait and cut-bait, too.
This 132-piece kit is available only until Christmas Day. And as an introductory special we have it discounted over 50%! Backed by Secret Weapon’s unconditional money-back guarantee. Get it now!

Gift Idea #2: Recoil Rig™ Master Fisherman Pack
Double the components... double the savings! This is the kit our Prostaff and top touring pros are snapping up for themselves. Enough components to last an entire tournament season. This is serious fishing tackle for anglers who want an edge on the water. Get it now!

Gift Idea #3: Secret Weapon Tackle Packs
High-performance, top-quality fishing tackle for anglers who insist on the finest fishing gear and understand how to get the most from it. Secret Weapon has 22 Tackle Packs that meet the needs of anglers at every level, from novice to professional guide to elite tournament pro. Each tackle system is engineered to enable the anger to innovate—adapt in seconds to changing conditions, to configure the perfect lure for every cast.
Good (500-combination Master Packs), Better (2,000-combination ProPacks), and Best (5,000-combination Expedition Pack) — all unconditionally guaranteed. Already the best value in the sport fishing world, they're an even greater bargain with your 30% discount coupon code. Single lures make great stocking stuffer as well!

30%OFF purchases from Secret Weapon’s Online Armory*
Special Coupon from Rich's Bass Fishing Tackle Blog!!!!
Anglers like having secret weapons in their tackle boxes — lures they count on when a tournament is on the line, bragging rights are at stake, or a kicker fish is needed to complete the perfect day on the lake. Secret Weapon lures and tackle packs enable anglers to adapt to changing conditions, save money, and ensure satisfaction all year long.
Share this offer with family and fishing buddies.
Discount coupon expires December 31, 2008: PCPSRL9
*30% discount is for lures, kits, and tackle components. It does not apply to shipping costs, discount gift certificates, and special sale items.

SWL makes the only spinnerbaits and buzzbaits that I own or use!

Rich's Bassin' Forum

Bass Tackle Depot - Free Shipping $50 Orders - Great spot for hard to find Bass Fishing Gear!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Bronzeye Popper is finally ready for your tackle box

After watching the Spro Bronzeye Popping frog play such an intergral role of Dean Rojas' Elite Series win on Lake Oneida, bass anglers have been waiting for them to be ready for the general angling public, now they are!!!

The Dean Rojas Signature Series Bronzeye Popper Frog was designed to attract bass out of the thickest cover with its loud popping sound. The Bronzeye Popper comes with specially designed 3/0 Gamakatsu Hooks that fit the bait perfectly for solid hook ups. It comes in 7 proven fish catching colors, so try out one of the new Bronzeye Poppers.

This bait will take your fishing buddies by suprise when you are calling the big girls up when their frogs won't get it done!!!


Bass Tackle Depot - Free Shipping $50 Orders - Great spot for hard to find Bass Fishing Gear!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gambler Bait Blowout!!

If you like Gambler Bait or just need to stock up on some quality soft plastics, check out this great sale on Gambler Baits.

You will find Cane Toads, craws, lizards, stickbaits, worms, swimbaits and much more for just $1.89 a pack!!! It says while supplies last, so these will not be around come spring, so stuff a fisher person's stocking in your life!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

More Rage from Strike King

Man its just been way too long since I last blogged about some great new tackle or gear on this site.... Time to put an end to that. I just started dabbling with the Rage Chunks at the end of this season and put quite a few fish in the boat on the Mississippi River and Lake Minnetonka using it on the back of my Tru-Tugnsten Jigs!!!

So now Strike King has expanded beyound their Rage Toads, Craws, etc....

They have added the Ananconda, Lobster, Lizard and Space Monkey which is a creature type bait. Check out the pics below.

With my success so far, I plan to dabble with some of these new Rage offerings as well!

Tight lines,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Revo Reels

Garcia has recently released two newer versions of the popular REVO reels. Both of these look pretty sweet, the Skeet Reese Edition REVO and the REVO Winch!

First pictured is the Skeet Revo, which has heavy input from 2007 AOY Skeet Reese himself, its a very lightweight reel & sports black & yellow design which is a trademark of Mr. Reese. It would also look very good with one of Skeet's signature Yellow Lamiglas cranking rods!!!

Light Weight Design
Air Craft Grade Aluminum Spool
Infinity Spool II Design
6 pin Adjustable Centrifugal Brake
X-Craftic Alloy Frame and Side Plate
Carbon Matrix Drag System
10 Stainless Steel HPCR Ball Bearings

REVO Winch with 5.4:1 gears is perfect for large crank baits, flipping and pitching plastics and jigs in heavy cover. As speed increases winching power decreases. While a fast-retrieve reel might be fine for fishing shallow crankbaits across a slick river bar for 2-pound schoolies, it's inadequate for pulling an 8-pound largemouth out of a glob of milfoil. A more powerfully geared reel is a better all-around choice for deep crankin'.
10 Stainless Steel HPCR® Ball Bearings +
1 Roller Bearing for Corrosion Resistance
X-Cräftic™ Alloy Frame and Side Plate for Corrosion Resistance
Carbon Matrix™ Drag System for Ultra
Smooth Drag
Duragear™ Brass Gears for Long Life
Oversized Main Gear for “Winch Power”
Linear Magnetic Brake for Control 6
Pin Centrifugul Brake
Line Capacity 12 lb/175 yds

Friday, July 11, 2008

Get your Sebile Magic Swimmers!

Hey all, just found a big bunch of Magic Swimmers on the internet. These are super hot & hard to find. So get them before they are sold out!! Click Here!!!

The real life action of the magic swimmer will fool the most finicky fish. Its specially designed joints allows for a naturally free-swimming motion guaranteed to trigger strikes. As it subtly moves through the water its sound chamber emits a discrete chatter. Superior balance allows for excellent casting and a steady retrieve at a variety of depths. This swim-bait is best used with a steady retrieve accented by twitches of the rod-tip. Speed and depth of retrieve are controlled by the angler.
Magic Swimmer 95: 3.5" long
Magic Swimmer 125: 5" long
Magic Swimmer 165: 6.5" long
Magic Swimmer 228: 9" long
If you remember this is the bait that was responsible for most of the Top 12 anglers in both the Clarks Hill & Lake Murray Bassmaster Elite Series events!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Clearing out some gear!

Spent some time this past week, sorting out some extra stuff I have and decided to put it up for auction on my eBay seller page. Check out some very good stuff, most of it brand new! Sebile Magic Swimmer, Lucky Craft, Lowrance GPS, Garmin Sonar, Swimbaits & More!

Friday, June 20, 2008

First Look at New Shimano Curado E

If you have been paying attention lately, you know that Shimano has been giving some good deals on their current Curados & Citicas, either via rebate or store sales. When a manufacturer does this, they are usually trying to clear inventory, thus the introduction of a new model or models to replace the existing.

Well the first glimpses of the newly revamped Shimano Curado & Citica are here!!!!! The new line will be the Curado E and Citica E's.

Pictures by
Couple things you will notice right away, they are going back to the muted Green finish of the Curado Bantam that was so popular with many bass anglers and many of us still have several of these, as they were proven workhorses. The profile is a bit smaller to compete with the Abu Revos that have entered the market in the last couple years. Even better news, the price point of the Curado E is thought to be $179.99 vs. the Curado D currently at $199.99

Looks like these reals will launch in a burner (7.0:1) and a 5.0:1 to start and the Citica E will have the 6.2:1. See a complete breakdown of this new real and the Citica E!!!

So start saving your pennies, not sure when the launch date is but ICAST is right around the corner and they should be available shortly after that!!! I think this is a reel I will be ordering right away, the look of the Curado D's never really excited me, but something about this one has me fired up again. I have been a Curado guy since the old Red Curados that most guys never knew existed.

The Red Curado was a great reel as well, but it had evolved a bit from its early design:)

Rich's Bassin' Forum

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A clear difference?

Is the Secret out on Sercret Lures?
This company is brand new, but they have some good things they are working, probably most notably their new Buy this ProductSecret Lures Chubby Frog Series
The colors are designed to produce fish in a wide range of conditions, and the body design of all models aid in hooking those big ones!

On days when the frog bite is "on" they recommend the full color frogs, since they offer the largest profile for the fish to attack. These full color versions also excel in heavy vegetation and stained water, since the fish have more to key in on. On those tougher days when the fish are just nipping at the frog, they recommend any of the CLEAR LEG colors. With these Secret Lures originals, those subtle bites are now directed right at your hook, so you can still put those fish in the boat.

The full body color Chubby Frogs can be fished a variety of ways; not just a topwater lure. They work great Carolina rigged, Texas rigged, and are deadly as a jig trailer.

Clear Leg Option: With this original design, fish focus their attack ON the hook, not behind it. Notice how the tapered body and clear legs give the Chubby a unique baitfish profile, unlike any other frog. It's very productive as an open water lure and triggers explosive strikes around cover. 5" long, 5 per pack.

They also have some great hooks for both Buzz Frogs and Swimbaits!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Get Hooked up with ISH

Well the Ish Hook is finally available at some online retailers, check out this 12/0 Beauty!!! It is designed to work with the Ish Tube, but I think you could use it with really big 12" worms or lizards or maybe even some swimbaits. Even Musky & Pike fisherman may find this hook useful...Buy this Product
Picasso ISH ProX 12/0 Hook
The 12/O Ish ProX Hook is the largest bass hook available on the market today, and can be fished with other soft plastic bodies. Available in packs of 3.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bill Norman gets Sexy!

Bill Norman long time crankbait manufacturer has come out with 3 of its own versions of Sexy Shad. It only took a few weeks before custom crankbait painters came out with their own version of Sexy Shad, but now another one of the big crankbait players has their Sexy Shad out. They have the traditional Sexy Shad, Chrome Sexy Shad and a unique Clear Sexy Shad.

They have all these colors in several of their well known, bass catching models:
DD22 Suspend
Deep Baby N
Deep Little N
Deep Tiny N
Fat Boy
Middle N
Thin N

A little something for all bass in all depths and situations. Also, Bill Normans are great baits at a good value as they are all under $5!!!

So instead of searching high & low for the Strike King Sexy Shads that are tough to find , check out the Normans and give them a try!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hunting for the Best BassTrix Hooks?

By now, you have likely got your hands on some BassTrix Paddle Tail Swimbaits or some of the many similar baits by now. Now you have a different dilemma....

Almost as difficult of a search to get these soft plastic swimbait bodies, is now trying to find the proper hook. Odds are, you do not have the proper hooks in your box to fish them, so now you need to find some. Also likely, your local tackle shop either does not carry them or is out of them because somebody has already cleaned their stock out. I had the same dilemma when I bought my BassTrix and went to Clarks Hill in November, I really did not have the right hooks to get the job done. You need a 5/0 or bigger hook & usually a belly weight of some kind to keep your bait down. Since then, I have done some research and some scouting, the following is what I have found:

The so called BassTrix experts have identified two hooks in particular as their favorites:

Mustad Ultra Point Power Locks - 3 Hooks = $4.99 - $1.67/hook

6/0 Falcon Lures Super Line Bait-Jerker Hooks - 4 hooks = $5.19 - $1.67/hook

You may notice, that I am showing off all these hooks rigged in a 6" Money Minnow. That is because I did not want to tear up my BassTrix baits for this demonstration. As I mentioned, the previous two hooks are the supposed preferred, but just like the BassTrix, many other alternatives have come out to fill the demand. Kind of depends on your preference for a hook with a bait keeper or the offset style. So here a few more options:

Owner TwistLock - 3 hooks = $4.49 - $1.50/hook

V&M Frog Hook - 4 Hooks = $4.50 - $1.13/hook

Venom Weighted Sickle Hooks - 6 Hooks = $2.99 - $0.50/hook

Gamakatsu Weighted SuperLine EWG - 4 Hooks = $5.99 - $1.50/hook

Here is a picture of the Money Minnow & 6" BassTrix (Trout) side by side

Also here are a few more hooks that I have found, but have not bought or tried

CritterBait Weighted Swimbait Hooks - 5 hooks = $5.99 - $1.20/hook
<span class=CritterBait Weighted Swim Bait Hooks Color Selections" src="" vspace=5>
Davis X Swim Weighted Hook - $4.99 per Pack
Davis X Swim Weighted Hook Color Selections
Davis X Swim Screw Locks Hook - $5.49 per Packs
Davis X Swim Screw Lock Hook Color Selections

Also, Lake Fork Tackle makes a swimbait hook 5/0. 7/0, & 10/0 in various weights, a little harder to find right now, do not have any, but the look pretty good. $5.99 per pack.

All in all, there are more options available, if you favorite stores or internet retailers do not have the hook you want, there are many selling these brand name hooks on eBay as well as some individuals making their own weighted hooks up to 7/0 or 8/0 that also sell those on eBay.

Not sure if I have helped you or confused you more on your quest for the perfect hooks for your BassTrix Baits. I think I like the 6/0 Falcons & the 5/0 Mustads best, but the 5/0 V&M Frog hook might be the best value.

Rich's Bassin' Forum

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beef up your Buzz Toad with the new Hack Attack Hook!

Most of you have noticed the growing popularity of buzz frogs and toads like the Zoom Horny Toad, Gambler Cane Toad, Sizmic Toad or many others. The reason is, they flat out catch fishm and big'uns! There are a couple drawbacks:
Frog rolling over
Sometimes poor hook ups
Enough weight for long casts

It looks like Tru-Tungsten & Greg "Hack Attack" Hackney have come up with a hook that solves all those issues - Buy this ProductTru-Tungsten Hack Attack Frog Hook
The Tru-Tungsten “Hack Attack” Frog Hook design helps provide extra casting distance while landing on its belly to prevent weeds from fouling the bait. It also keeps the bait keeled to prevent rolling or rocking of the frog. The unique double hook rigging prevents plastics from pulling down, resulting in fewer missed fish. Enjoy the benefits of more hook-ups and multiple fish without tearing each plastic frog!

You simply squeeze the hooks together, feed thru the nose of your bait. Once thru the nose, let the hooks open an insert those two giant gaffs into the back of the bait. Cast into your favorite grass bed and hold on ;)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

BassTrix Fat Minnow Paddle Tail Video

I have been looking around for a video of the BassTrix swimming under water to show of its action and so people can kind of see what the buzz is all about. So here is a video off of YouTube.

It is kind of a short video, but really shows off the action of the bait. Not sure which hook or weight its rigged with, as that can actually effect the action quite a bit.

Hope you like it!
Rich's Bassin' Forum

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Got Ima???

Ima Baits may be the best Japanese crafted baits that you have not heard of..... I have one of the Flit 120 and it is a sweet looking bait. Its brand new for 2008!
I cannot wait for things to thaw here in MN and attack some pre-spawn smallmouth & largemouth. Lucky for you, chances are, you live south of me, you have open water and its just about Jerkbait season......

Also new for 2008, is the Roumba wakebait, designed by Elite Series Pro Fred Roumbanis!

Buy this ProductIMA Japan Flit 120
Ima combined Michael Murphy's Biology expertise with its own advanced technology and the Flit 120 was born. The Flit 120, named for its erratic fleeing action and 120mm length was designed on the basic premise of "matching the hatch." The Ima Jerkbait, at its cross section is triangular in shape to closely mimic the flat-sided Herring and Panfish prey, common in the U.S. The Flit 120 incorporates a realistic finish, a uniquely designed bill for ease of use and specially designed triangular chambers. This creates constant focal points of contact maximizing vibration and sound consistency. The Ima Flit 120 is the next generation jerkbait that will enhance your fishing experience.

Buy this ProductIMA Japan Roumba
The ROUMBA is a unique bait that creates a natural wake by “wobbling” side to side along the water’s surface while producing an enticing sound that makes fish bite. This bait is designed to work best when fished over shallow aquatic grass, such as milfoil and hydrilla. It’s also extremely effective around boat docks, lay-downs, brush piles, and standing timber.
Fish the bait with a slow, steady retrieve. Be sure to keep the rod tip up and get ready for a massive bass explosion!

Buy this ProductIMA Japan Shaker
This bait REALLY shakes it up! It’s designed for early spring and late fall when water temps are 50-65 degrees and runs 3’ to 5’ deep. The ima Shaker works best when shad are on the move in the shallows. With a medium speed retrieve the bait will produce a wide wobbling action starting in the HEAD of the bait and working its way through the entire bait. The ima Shaker features a weight transfer system allowing the bait to travel up to distances of 60 ft on the cast. Coupled with greater accuracy this bait is no match for its counterpart, the balsa bait.

Best results are in the back of the creeks and up in the rivers thrown around wood, stumps and rocks. This is a great bait for getting reaction strikes when nothing else seems to be working. Use it on a medium to medium-light crank bait rod with a 5:1 or 6:1 gear ratio reel, whichever you prefer and use it on 8 to 12 pound line, and watch it fill your live well up.

Hope you like these baits as much as I!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Carrot Stix a day....

Hopefully will keep the doctor away but not keep you from loading the boat with plump bass!
Check out these innovative new rods that Classic Champ Boyd Duckett helped develop. They are supposed to be super light and actually have some carott or cellulose fibers in its construction.....
Plus they are pretty sweet looking!!!

Buy this Producte21 Boyd Duckett Classic Gold Casting Carrot Stix
Designed by Boyd Duckett, 37th Bassmaster Classic World Champion and Ken Whiting the “Wizard of Rods”, our new Classic Gold series is a striking combination of versatility and performance From its high tech “Stress Free” blank design in high modulus graphite and Nano Cellulose Bio-Fibers to its anodized scandium weight port butt cap the Classic Gold series is on fine piece of fishing equipment. Meticulous attention to detail is paid to the construction of each and every Classic Gold rod as noted by many inherent features, which would typically only be found on custom rods. For example, locking wraps on each single foot guide, guides with no ceramics to crack or fall out, our easy access weight port for personal balancing and our own in house “Maximum Exposure II” split reel seat for the ultimate in blank/hand contact and sensitivity. In terms of performance the Classic God Carrot Stix series exhibits an extremely well balanced combination of lure presentation, castability and overall rod control. As Boyd said, “If this wasn’t the sweetest rod I’ve ever fished with, it wouldn’t have my name on it”.

  • Lite weight high modulus graphite and nano bio-filter blank
  • Lite weight double swaged pac bay guides with TiCH frames and inserts
  • Lock wraps on all single foot guides, both casting and spinning
  • Ultra lite graphite filled “maximum exposure II” split reel seats on both casting and spinning model
  • State of the art “velvet touch” split grip
  • All new non-obtrusive TiCH hook keeper
  • Screw on anodized scandium butt for easy access to blank weight port
  • Sunday, January 20, 2008

    Just Started Selling on eBay!

    As you may know, I have a tackle problem, most of the stuff I show you here, I end up buiying, so I need to make room in both my garage & wallet.

    Just started selling some excess tackle on eBay. Got about 9 auctions to start, but plan to keep them going. I have totes of extra tackle and I need to pair down a bit.
    My Bass Fishing eBay Store
    Right now, titanium spinnerbaits, lucky craft pointers, basstrix, fishing line, soft plastics, senkos & more. I will continue to add stuff, as I sort my stuff, check back often ;)

    If you are just reading this post and thinking these baits are gone, they are, but I assure you new stuff has been listed.

    Maybe just add me as a favorite seller....


    Saturday, January 05, 2008

    More BassTrix Paddle Tail Tube Swimbait Alternatives

    This a follow up on a Looking for Basstrix Paddle Tail Tubes? where I talked about the BassTrix and some of the competitors that have popped up to fill the demand created by this bait and its low production capabilities.

    So if you do not want to jump on the eBay bandwagon or spend all day on the phone calling the few shops that have BassTrix, then here are a few more options....

    Buy this ProductVenom Bad Shad Swimbait
    The Bad Shad Swimbait is a 5" solid bodied swimbait. The slender profile of this bait creates an slashing motion in the water. Included in each package is 3 swimbaits and one weighted Sickle Hook. Click to Buy

    Optimum Heavy Cover Series Swimbaits
    The Optimum Heavy Cover Series was designed for fishing swimbaits and the like weedless in big brush and over weeds. These are solid body baits as well.

    Luck ''E'' Strike Bass Magic Swimbaits
    These can be found online @ Affordable hollow-bodied swimbaits feature lifelike paint schemes, a water-churning paddle tail, and five sizes to tempt any bass' appetite. From what I have read, they are a slit belly design.

    Rainbow Worms Bowfish Paddle Tail Swimbait

    Photo Courtesy of

    The Rainbow Bowfish features a solid body with a slit down the belly to facilitate weedless rigging. It does have the same type of swimbait tail but this tail is no stranger to a vast number of soft plastic swimbaits. The fit and finish of the Rainbow Bowfish is typical of what one might expect of a hand poured worm. Read a in-depth review here.

    Ghost Baits Phantom Shads

    These paddle tails have a hollow belly but solid head and tail. It also says that all baits are custom made to order.

    Kamikaze Treats
    I have not found much info on these, not sure if they are solid body, slit body or hollow body... It does say they are custom hand poured. But its another option.

    Also, Berkley is rumored to be coming out with a bait called Hollow Belly Swimbait....

    Happy hunting and hopefully some of you will catch some biggun's on some of these new baits

    Rich's Bassin' Forum