Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Started Selling on eBay!

As you may know, I have a tackle problem, most of the stuff I show you here, I end up buiying, so I need to make room in both my garage & wallet.

Just started selling some excess tackle on eBay. Got about 9 auctions to start, but plan to keep them going. I have totes of extra tackle and I need to pair down a bit.
My Bass Fishing eBay Store
Right now, titanium spinnerbaits, lucky craft pointers, basstrix, fishing line, soft plastics, senkos & more. I will continue to add stuff, as I sort my stuff, check back often ;)

If you are just reading this post and thinking these baits are gone, they are, but I assure you new stuff has been listed.

Maybe just add me as a favorite seller....



Mike Richard said...

Great fishing blog Rich! Ebay is the biggest fishing tackle box you can find! Keep up the good work on your fishing blog!

Mike Walleye
href="">Mike Walleye Fishing Blog

frothingham said...

I just started on eBay with some attractants. Please read about them and let us know what you think!