Saturday, January 05, 2008

More BassTrix Paddle Tail Tube Swimbait Alternatives

This a follow up on a Looking for Basstrix Paddle Tail Tubes? where I talked about the BassTrix and some of the competitors that have popped up to fill the demand created by this bait and its low production capabilities.

So if you do not want to jump on the eBay bandwagon or spend all day on the phone calling the few shops that have BassTrix, then here are a few more options....

Buy this ProductVenom Bad Shad Swimbait
The Bad Shad Swimbait is a 5" solid bodied swimbait. The slender profile of this bait creates an slashing motion in the water. Included in each package is 3 swimbaits and one weighted Sickle Hook. Click to Buy

Optimum Heavy Cover Series Swimbaits
The Optimum Heavy Cover Series was designed for fishing swimbaits and the like weedless in big brush and over weeds. These are solid body baits as well.

Luck ''E'' Strike Bass Magic Swimbaits
These can be found online @ Affordable hollow-bodied swimbaits feature lifelike paint schemes, a water-churning paddle tail, and five sizes to tempt any bass' appetite. From what I have read, they are a slit belly design.

Rainbow Worms Bowfish Paddle Tail Swimbait

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The Rainbow Bowfish features a solid body with a slit down the belly to facilitate weedless rigging. It does have the same type of swimbait tail but this tail is no stranger to a vast number of soft plastic swimbaits. The fit and finish of the Rainbow Bowfish is typical of what one might expect of a hand poured worm. Read a in-depth review here.

Ghost Baits Phantom Shads

These paddle tails have a hollow belly but solid head and tail. It also says that all baits are custom made to order.

Kamikaze Treats
I have not found much info on these, not sure if they are solid body, slit body or hollow body... It does say they are custom hand poured. But its another option.

Also, Berkley is rumored to be coming out with a bait called Hollow Belly Swimbait....

Happy hunting and hopefully some of you will catch some biggun's on some of these new baits

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Anonymous said...

Great blog for fishing enthusiasts. Please don't rule out the Reaction Innovation "Skinny Dipper" as an alternative too.

I have caught some great smallies on the "white trash" color down here in IN and always keep a bag on hand, for Texas rigging on my worm/jig rod.

Unknown said...

Thanks, if you look a few posts down you will see I mentioned the Skinny Dipper there ;)

Basspastor said...

Berkley is coming out with one of these designed by Jay Yelas. Bassfan has the story.

Unknown said...

You are corect, its actually available now, but really tough to find, maybe harder then the BassTrix ;0

You may also notice that I mention the Berkely Hollow Belly lure at the bottom of the post ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought I would let you know that I have used paddle tail jigs with a thing called the BulletBobber and found them to be much more effective because you can zigzag them and keep your bait in the water more of the time. BulletBobbers are castable planer boards with direction control. Paddle tails and twister tails will both catch more fish when used with a BulletBobber because they provide good vibration and action at slow speeds. Steering your bait where you want is a good thing and reversing direction can make a fish strike.

I am just a casual fisherman but believe I invented something that might make the difference between winning and loosing a tournament. I hope you are open-minded and would consider giving them a try even though I call them bobbers.

Paul Lieb