Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sneak Peak New Berkley Havoc Rocket Craw

Photo by Tom Leogrande
Not yer for sale, but Skeet Reese caught most of his fish on a new Berkley Havoc Bait, called the Rocket Craw. You can see it here in this picture in Skeet Reese's hand.

Almost looks like a longer, thinner version of the popular Chigger Craw. I have not heard word on when it will be available, but I am sure we will know much more between now and ICAST which is in July.

Regardless it does appear to be another fish catching profile from the new Havoc line of baits.

What is your favorite Havoc bait?

Havoc Rocket Craw

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PA Bass Guy said...

I like them all : ) But my favorites would have to be the Pit Boss; the Slop Craw and hopefully this new Rocket Craw when my shipment arrives. I LOVE Havoc Baits.....simply the best soft plastics out there. Now all they need is something similiar to a Senko or Yum Dinger; I would buy plenty of those in a heartbeat.