Sunday, January 22, 2012

Potent Worm Dye

JJ's Magic has been a somewhat tightly kept secret by many top bass anglers, but now it is getting some mainstream steam. I had heard good things about the product and then I got some custom poured baits that were dunked in their clear formula. I was instantly impressed with how well the garlic smell stuck to the baits after fishing and being in storage for so long.

So I had to get some clear and colored dips of my own. The brightness and lack of fading compared to other dipping products is second to none. Although, caution: It sticks to your hands as well as soft plastics. Also, be careful not to get salt from your plastics on the closure and threads of bottle, can cause them to seep.

If you like garlic on your baits and like customizing soft plastics, give JJ's a whirl! Comes in 4 colors & clear.

Purchase at & LBF!

1 comment:

Richard said...

Very cool. I'm learning a bit about worm dye's and this one sounds pretty useful.