Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hunting for the Best BassTrix Hooks?

By now, you have likely got your hands on some BassTrix Paddle Tail Swimbaits or some of the many similar baits by now. Now you have a different dilemma....

Almost as difficult of a search to get these soft plastic swimbait bodies, is now trying to find the proper hook. Odds are, you do not have the proper hooks in your box to fish them, so now you need to find some. Also likely, your local tackle shop either does not carry them or is out of them because somebody has already cleaned their stock out. I had the same dilemma when I bought my BassTrix and went to Clarks Hill in November, I really did not have the right hooks to get the job done. You need a 5/0 or bigger hook & usually a belly weight of some kind to keep your bait down. Since then, I have done some research and some scouting, the following is what I have found:

The so called BassTrix experts have identified two hooks in particular as their favorites:

Mustad Ultra Point Power Locks - 3 Hooks = $4.99 - $1.67/hook

6/0 Falcon Lures Super Line Bait-Jerker Hooks - 4 hooks = $5.19 - $1.67/hook

You may notice, that I am showing off all these hooks rigged in a 6" Money Minnow. That is because I did not want to tear up my BassTrix baits for this demonstration. As I mentioned, the previous two hooks are the supposed preferred, but just like the BassTrix, many other alternatives have come out to fill the demand. Kind of depends on your preference for a hook with a bait keeper or the offset style. So here a few more options:

Owner TwistLock - 3 hooks = $4.49 - $1.50/hook

V&M Frog Hook - 4 Hooks = $4.50 - $1.13/hook

Venom Weighted Sickle Hooks - 6 Hooks = $2.99 - $0.50/hook

Gamakatsu Weighted SuperLine EWG - 4 Hooks = $5.99 - $1.50/hook

Here is a picture of the Money Minnow & 6" BassTrix (Trout) side by side

Also here are a few more hooks that I have found, but have not bought or tried

CritterBait Weighted Swimbait Hooks - 5 hooks = $5.99 - $1.20/hook
<span class=CritterBait Weighted Swim Bait Hooks Color Selections" src="" vspace=5>
Davis X Swim Weighted Hook - $4.99 per Pack
Davis X Swim Weighted Hook Color Selections
Davis X Swim Screw Locks Hook - $5.49 per Packs
Davis X Swim Screw Lock Hook Color Selections

Also, Lake Fork Tackle makes a swimbait hook 5/0. 7/0, & 10/0 in various weights, a little harder to find right now, do not have any, but the look pretty good. $5.99 per pack.

All in all, there are more options available, if you favorite stores or internet retailers do not have the hook you want, there are many selling these brand name hooks on eBay as well as some individuals making their own weighted hooks up to 7/0 or 8/0 that also sell those on eBay.

Not sure if I have helped you or confused you more on your quest for the perfect hooks for your BassTrix Baits. I think I like the 6/0 Falcons & the 5/0 Mustads best, but the 5/0 V&M Frog hook might be the best value.

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Anonymous said...

You should check out the painted swim hooks by vinnerbaits.

Anonymous said...

Have been using Vinnerbaits hooks for a year out there!