Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beef up your Buzz Toad with the new Hack Attack Hook!

Most of you have noticed the growing popularity of buzz frogs and toads like the Zoom Horny Toad, Gambler Cane Toad, Sizmic Toad or many others. The reason is, they flat out catch fishm and big'uns! There are a couple drawbacks:
Frog rolling over
Sometimes poor hook ups
Enough weight for long casts

It looks like Tru-Tungsten & Greg "Hack Attack" Hackney have come up with a hook that solves all those issues - Buy this ProductTru-Tungsten Hack Attack Frog Hook
The Tru-Tungsten “Hack Attack” Frog Hook design helps provide extra casting distance while landing on its belly to prevent weeds from fouling the bait. It also keeps the bait keeled to prevent rolling or rocking of the frog. The unique double hook rigging prevents plastics from pulling down, resulting in fewer missed fish. Enjoy the benefits of more hook-ups and multiple fish without tearing each plastic frog!

You simply squeeze the hooks together, feed thru the nose of your bait. Once thru the nose, let the hooks open an insert those two giant gaffs into the back of the bait. Cast into your favorite grass bed and hold on ;)


Anonymous said...

I just bought some Zoom Horn Toads and have yet to use them. These hooks look awesome.

Any tips on the best retrieve for frog type baits like the Horn Toads? I'm in Florida, and the topwater bite is just around the corner, starting end of March.

Unknown said...

The best way to describe it, like a nice slow buzzbait! The only difference, throw it into the hart of vegetation and mats where you would like to throw a buzzbait but never have.

Also, when you get a blow, make sure you wait before you set. Remember, once they hit this toad, its no different then a worm or a lizard ;)

Unknown said...

Just bought some at my local Gander Mountain in Lakeville, MN

Basspastor said...

Good to hear they are going to have them at Gander. I will definitely give them a try.

Right now I use 5/0 Mustad Impact Soft Plastic hooks. These have a 5 ribbed bait gripper that you put into the front of the toad. I have found that I really need super glue especially after a fish or two. Super glue is a pain in the arse. Eventually the plastic in the front of the toad gets ripped up by the bait gripper and wrecks the frog.

The fact that you Texas rig the Hack hook along with the M bend makes me think the front of the toad will last a little longer, which would be a big improvement.