Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bill Norman gets Sexy!

Bill Norman long time crankbait manufacturer has come out with 3 of its own versions of Sexy Shad. It only took a few weeks before custom crankbait painters came out with their own version of Sexy Shad, but now another one of the big crankbait players has their Sexy Shad out. They have the traditional Sexy Shad, Chrome Sexy Shad and a unique Clear Sexy Shad.

They have all these colors in several of their well known, bass catching models:
DD22 Suspend
Deep Baby N
Deep Little N
Deep Tiny N
Fat Boy
Middle N
Thin N

A little something for all bass in all depths and situations. Also, Bill Normans are great baits at a good value as they are all under $5!!!

So instead of searching high & low for the Strike King Sexy Shads that are tough to find , check out the Normans and give them a try!!!

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