Friday, October 17, 2008

More Rage from Strike King

Man its just been way too long since I last blogged about some great new tackle or gear on this site.... Time to put an end to that. I just started dabbling with the Rage Chunks at the end of this season and put quite a few fish in the boat on the Mississippi River and Lake Minnetonka using it on the back of my Tru-Tugnsten Jigs!!!

So now Strike King has expanded beyound their Rage Toads, Craws, etc....

They have added the Ananconda, Lobster, Lizard and Space Monkey which is a creature type bait. Check out the pics below.

With my success so far, I plan to dabble with some of these new Rage offerings as well!

Tight lines,


Anonymous said...

i've been seing some of their tackle here in SA. not sure who is importing, but would love to know.

you have any advice on affordable shipping from USA, Japan etc..

Unknown said...

I would contact these guys -

Email them and see what kind of options they would give you for ordering stuff