Monday, October 20, 2008

Gambler Bait Blowout!!

If you like Gambler Bait or just need to stock up on some quality soft plastics, check out this great sale on Gambler Baits.

You will find Cane Toads, craws, lizards, stickbaits, worms, swimbaits and much more for just $1.89 a pack!!! It says while supplies last, so these will not be around come spring, so stuff a fisher person's stocking in your life!!


Anonymous said...


I checked out your baits and they look great for Strippers, Shoal, Largemouth. I got some good inventory at the moment but I will definitely hit you up for a great deal soon. Thanks. GWTF

Unknown said...

Not my baits, just helping my readers find deals on good baits!