Friday, June 20, 2008

First Look at New Shimano Curado E

If you have been paying attention lately, you know that Shimano has been giving some good deals on their current Curados & Citicas, either via rebate or store sales. When a manufacturer does this, they are usually trying to clear inventory, thus the introduction of a new model or models to replace the existing.

Well the first glimpses of the newly revamped Shimano Curado & Citica are here!!!!! The new line will be the Curado E and Citica E's.

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Couple things you will notice right away, they are going back to the muted Green finish of the Curado Bantam that was so popular with many bass anglers and many of us still have several of these, as they were proven workhorses. The profile is a bit smaller to compete with the Abu Revos that have entered the market in the last couple years. Even better news, the price point of the Curado E is thought to be $179.99 vs. the Curado D currently at $199.99

Looks like these reals will launch in a burner (7.0:1) and a 5.0:1 to start and the Citica E will have the 6.2:1. See a complete breakdown of this new real and the Citica E!!!

So start saving your pennies, not sure when the launch date is but ICAST is right around the corner and they should be available shortly after that!!! I think this is a reel I will be ordering right away, the look of the Curado D's never really excited me, but something about this one has me fired up again. I have been a Curado guy since the old Red Curados that most guys never knew existed.

The Red Curado was a great reel as well, but it had evolved a bit from its early design:)

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