Thursday, August 09, 2007

Is this for Real?

I think Lucky Craft may have taken realism of hard baits to a new level with this one.....

Buy this ProductLucky Craft Pointer Real Skin Series
You have heard about them. Available from Pitman Creek Wholesale on August 3rd. The Real Skin Pointer has the same action as the popular Lucky Craft Pointers. Nothing has changed, except for the addition of the fish skin on the outside.

Pointer 78 dives 4-5 ft, Suspending, 3.25", 5/16 oz
Pointer 100 dives 4-5 ft, Suspending, 4", 5/8 oz

Man it looks like they are actually wrapping real fish skin around these baits..... That is wild!



Wow,kind of conflicts with catch and release huh? I wonder if your tackle box will develop a nice real fish smell too!

Unknown said...

Tough to say, so many questions..... will it be outlawed because its kind of like dead bait?

Anonymous said...

Man, that is almost least to the fish. wow has been my experience over the years that fish probably strike as a result of a familiar profile, rather than a specific color. I can recall fishing in Canada....waaaaay north of largemouth territory, and catching pike and walleye on bass colored bombers......I am quite sure those fish had never seen a bass before...but they hammered that bomber with alarming, who really knows?

Aren't most lures designed to catch fishermen, anyway?

Hope all is well with you, Hella



Angie T said...

Have you fished with these yet? If so, how'd you do?

Unknown said...

I have not fished with these, but I have used the regular pointers and they are a great jerkbait. Tough to say if these are suppose to catch more fish or fishermen.....

Thanks for all of your comments!

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