Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Berkley Trilene Releases new Fluorocarbon

You probably have heard plenty about many bass fishing pros using the new Berkley Fluorocarbon and how great it is and how its not available to the public yet, well now it is!

Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Line
Get the new line that everybody is talking about! Berkley has 48 B.A.S.S. and 33 FLW Pro’s already currently fishing with this line. The line boats the following properties:

-Ultimate Invisibility-The invisible fluorocarbon. Similar refractive index as water so fish can’t see it.

-Ultimate Impact Strength-Proprietary 100% PVDF formula specially processed for the ultimate in impact strength.

-Higher Strength per Diameter-The ultimate fluorocarbon, diameter for diameter.

-Excellent Manageability-Lower memory for superior casting.

I never had good luck with Vanish, but this is supposed to be far superior line, I will probably order a spool or two and give it a whirl. Interestingly enough it comes in clear & green. I like the sounds of green fluorocarbon....

Would love to hear from anyone else that has tried it,

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Unknown said...

I bought some from Dick's Sporting Goods in Richfield, MN. Had the 20lb spooled up on a Black Blue Tru-Tungsten jig for my tournament on Chisago, the problem is they ate the Green Pumpkin one so well, I only made about 20-30 casts with it, no bites to try it out on, but it casted very nice.


Anonymous said...

I love using Berkley Trilene. And I am happy to know that they released a new fluorocarbon. I will have to check this product out.

Unknown said...

it has been pretty good for me so far