Thursday, March 01, 2007

Check out the new Phat Flies

The all new Spro Phat Flies
Buy this ProductThe SPRO Phat Flies were designed to take Float and Fly bass fishing to a new level. Not only designed to catch fish in the harshest conditions, these jigs are designed to catch big California trophy bass. Colors painstakingly matched to the most prevalent baitfish in North American waters. Perfectly balanced to sit horizontal under the bobber. Built with the worlds sharpest Gamakatsu hooks. The SPRO Phat Flies are the best on the market, period! These look awesome and I think they will be deadly in the winter through early spring. So if you live in middle to northern part of the country, buy them now and put them to use. Here is a link to a radio show explaining how to use them and their effectiveness.


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