Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ready for a Shakedown?

I just ordered some new shakey head jigs and I am pretty excited to get them & put them to the test bass fishing. These are designed by Mr. Clausen himself and he knows a little bit about Shaking a finesse head for bass.

Buy this ProductPicasso Luke Clausen Shakedown Jigs
Picasso Luke Clausen Shakedown heads use a patent-pending flexible nickel titanium spring (bait keeper) along with a cross-eye Gamakatsu hook to give you the best “shakey style” head on the market. The flexible nickel titanium spring always comes back to position after each fish without breaking.
Because of its super soft elasticity, the spring allows the entire hook gap to be maintained during hook set. The “give” of the spring allows anglers to lock down and shake their plastics in cover or skip docks without ever losing or tearing the soft plastics. Because of the spring’s small size, finesse worms (such as Roboworms or other thin hand poured plastics) can be rigged very straight with no “hump.” It also prevents the plastic from tearing.

The Luke Clausen Shakedown heads are coated with the super tough Duraseal™ process, increasing the sensitivity and allowing them to hold up like no other on the market. This Duraseal coating is the same coating that is used on Tru-Tungsten Sinkers and Jigs, its an excellent finish. I just ordered several of each size in Black & Brown/Purple Fleck. I plan to give a full report when I get them in ;)


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Unknown said...

Got a nice bass on my first cast with this Shakey head paired with a Berkley Shakey Worm