Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mend-It Like Beckham....

Here is a relatively new product, that I think is a must have for just about anyone that spends time throwing soft plastics for bass or other species. The product I am referring to is Mend-It!
Mend It! Soft Bait Glue
Mend-It! is a soft plastic repair solution that chemicly welds your plastic back together. Mend-It leaves the repaired area as soft as the original bait because it simply "melts" the bait back together. Mend-It doesn't stick to your hands, your boat or your clothes, it only causes two pieces of soft-plastic lure to melt back together invisibly. Perfect for Senkos, SwimBait and other expensive soft baits that tear easily. Works better then Super Glue & never glue your fingers together or to your bait again. Also, when you are in a tournament or out on the lake and you only have a couple of the baits that you are really killing the bass on....
Now you can save your day or possibly cash a check by repairing your old used baits on the fly to get you through until you can buy more. This is really a product that will save you money in the long run ;) Don't believe it..... Check out this video - CLICK HERE
Here is a shorter video as well!

And if you are going to plop down good money on eBay for BassTrix, then you cannot afford to not to have a bottle or two of Mend-It! to make them last ;)

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Unknown said...

Mend-It update, so I bought a bottom myself, already I have repaired an Optimum Titan, Optimum Suspending, a Money Minnow, 2 BassTrix Fat Minnows, so for a $10 bottle of Mend-It, I have saved about $25 worth of baits and that was just a a few drops :) Very good value!