Friday, February 02, 2007

Two Hot New Plastics from Zoom

I am sure you have all used Zoom Plastics at some point and know that they make high quality fish catching soft plastics in an endless rainbow of colors....

Check out their two latest additions for 2007:
Buy this ProductZoom Super Speed Craw

I love and use the original Zoom Ultravibe Speed Craw all the time, and my only complaint was how small it was for some situations, I cannot wait to get me a couple bags of these in Green Pumpkin!!!

Buy this ProductZoom Grass Craw
The new grass craw is very similar to the Gambler B.B. Cricket which is a popular matt flipping bait in Florida.

These both will be fantastic flipping baits ;)


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Anonymous said...

I promise I'm not trying to spam your site :) I love Zoom soft plastics as well, and one thing I've seems that any time a new one comes out, it's really hot for a couple years. Seems like the bass get used to them after that. So my advice to your readers is to snap up some of these new plastics and use them while they're hot! Take care,


Unknown said...

Shhhh, Zoom does not work that well, let me fish trial them for a year or two and then everyone else can start buying them :)