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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lucky Craft Splash Tail Topwater Bass Fishing Prop Bait

So how many of you have dabbled with the high-end Japanese bait?

I have found that some of the best lures are their topwaters, I have had exceptional luck with the Lucky Craft Sammys, Gunfish, and Splash Tails. You can check out the Splash Tail in detail here and I will follow up on some of the other baits in the future.

Check out a nice YouTube clip of the SplashTail.

If you like the Smithwick Devil’s Horse you will love the Splash Tail!!!


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Anonymous said...

Geez Rich. Can't a guy have a few secret baits.

HellaBass said...

My apologies, but the people must know :)


hawgdaddy said...

Good grief! It looks like you run half the internet. Up till now, I guess I had only looked at your Bassin' Blog.

Anyway, I like these Lucky Craft lures. As you know, I mostly fly fish these days, but I still toss bass plugs on occasion. I bought the groomsmen in my wedding some Lucky Craft topwaters. They work great. I only wish I didn't have to take out a home equity loan to buy one! Take care,


HellaBass said...

Learn something new everyday ;)

I like the Luckys as well, no serious fisherman's (aka Lure Collector) tackle box is complete without at least a couple LC's ....