Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait

Raising the bar on spinnerbait versatility and performance with the Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait. Customizing your spinnerbait has never been easier -- or more effective!

A must have for your Bass Fishing Arsenal!!
Like our original QuickStrike Spinnerbait, the Secret Weapon Sidearm employs free-floating, interchangeable, in-line spinner blades. It creates a unique flash and vibration with its two side-by-side spinner blades. This arrangement creates even more fish-attracting commotion in the water than tandem blades mounted in series. It also creates additional lift, enabling you to retrieve this lure at slower speeds than is possible with conventional spinnerbaits. Great for fishing above submerged vegetation or slow-rolling along the bottom, the blades twirl at the slightest turn of your reel handle.

Unlike other dual-blade spinnerbaits, the Sidearm's V-frame blade bar pivots freely, allowing the lure to pass easily through vegetation and cover. Once free of obstructions, equal drag quickly aligns the blade bar and spinner blades.

The Sidearm excels as a single-blade, short-arm spinnerbait, too. Simply slide the double-barrel metal sleeve down the frame to open the R-shaped terminal loop. Remove the blade bar, pinch the loop closed and slide the sleeve back in place, and then clip on a Colorado, Indiana, or Turtleback blade attachment, and you have an incredible short-arm spinnerbait, ideal for bottom crawling or as a drop bait for docks, piling, ledges and bluffs.

Sidearm in a tandem willowleaf configurationNeed a tandem spinnerbait instead? Just clip two inline blades in series. In seconds, without tools, you can adapt your spinnerbait to take advantage of changing conditions on the water. Don't be caught short without the perfect spinnerbait. With a few Secret Weapon lure bodies and a handful of blades, you can tweak and test blade configurations until your lure is ideal for every situation.

This lure is available in two weights (5/16- and 9/16-ounce) and ten popular patterns for stained or clear water. Look for it soon in Sidearm ProPack and MasterPacks.

The most versatile and innovative spinnerbait system just got more versatile, flexible and better to help you land more fish


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