Friday, January 12, 2007

Get Shakey with it!

Shakey heads have been the craze for quite some time lately and there are more and more options to choose from when it comes to Shakey Style Heads. Many of the new options are not just your father's lead ball heads anymore ;)

Here are a bunch that I have found:

Buy this ProductTru-Tungsten Ikey Head Ball Buster Jigs

Buy this ProductCritterBait Critter-Shaker Jigheads

Buy this ProductHookerZ Shakey Heads

Buy this ProductBagley Shaky Head Jigs

Buy this ProductBuckeye Lures Spot Remover Pro Model Jigheads

Buy this ProductEnvision Sweet Spot Jig Heads

Buy this ProductReaction Innovations Screwed-Up Jig Head

Buy this ProductSpotsticker Jigheads

Everyone of these jigs has their pros & cons, whether it be keeper method, cost, hook quality, how it stands, how it comes through cover. My favorites are the Tru-Tungsten Ikey Head Jigs, but you will see everything from the most traditional ball heads with molded barbs to flat head designs and much more. Which is your favorites and which new ones do you want to try?


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Valkyrie said...

This is completely apropos of nothing, but I had to tell you. My grandfather was a BIG bass fisherman; won a few BassMaster tournaments in his day, and had this big 15 pounder mounted over his door. Anyway, he was in the Navy in WWII on a minesweeper, and his best friend there was a frogman. He got nitrogen poisoning after surfacing too quickly, and ended up gaining his nickname from that incident: Shakey.

He & Papaw fished nearly constantly after they retired, and Shakey always referred to the shakeys as "me plugs".

Loved those two and still miss them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,
Thanks for this post. There is a bait made by a small company, Case Plastics. The name of the bait is Jacks Worm (I have no affiliation with the company.) Jacks Worm is deadly on smallmouth. It is abotu 4 1/2" and starts with a 1/4 inch thick body and tapers to a pointed tail. I have typically fished them with a circle hook through the nose but I think using a light shakey head might be a great presentation. I plan to pick some shakey heads up soon. Chris

Unknown said...

I have heard mention of Jacks Worm before, I will have to investigate, thanks the for the tip ;)