Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Fishing Plans

I plan to prefish on Crystal Lake tomorrow morning, graduation parties in the afternoon evening. Sunday I will hit Lake Marion. These two lakes are the destination of my two club tournaments next weekend. After catching most of my fish deep on the Alexandria Chain last weekend, I am going to focus on deep fish for these tournaments as well.

On another note, I stopped by the Sportsman's Warehouse in Coon Rapids off Hwy 10. They has a bunch of Lucky Craft Sammys marked down to $9.99, that is about $4-5 cheaper than everyone else. Also they had a wide array of SPRO Dean Rojas Series Bronzeye Frogs & Reaction Innovations Swamp Donkeys for $5.99, most places are selling them for $7-8. I bought a couple of all 3 and plan to give them a whirl this weekend, its about time for Frogs & Topwaters to really get cranking!

P.S. did you see the Lobina Lures SlideJack on BassCenter last weekend? Its like a wacky rigged swimbait.

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