Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long Weekend

It was great to be fishing for bass close to home. I was not able to complete the Lakeville Trilogy as Lake Orchard access was full on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I tried to go.

Saturday - Fished from 7:30am to 10:30am with a buddy on Crystal Lake. I caught 3 nice fish and a little 12" all on Green Pumpkins Lake Fork Ring Frys,. We tried Swim Jig, chatterbaits, Spinnerbaits, Fork Frogs and other stuff, but no takers. It was getting hot fast and I had to head home to get ready for a surprise b-day party that I was throwing for my wife. The short fishing excursion was just part of the illusion, she may have suspected something if I had not went fishing on the opener ;)

Sunday - I went out with my neighbor on Lake Marion, he had never really targeted bass before. It was a tough bite, I caught one nice 3lb fish under a overhanging willow tree on a LFT Ring Fry and he caught a small northern as well. Our wives than joined us on the lake so we targeted panfish the rest of the afternoon. We both caught two nice bass on a baby clown colored Husky Jerk. 2:30pm it was just too damn hot and too many skiers, so we headed home.

Monday - 6am - 2pm on Crystal Lake with my club tournament partner John. We have a club tournament on Crystal on June 18th. It is really too early to be practicing as the fish are in a state of rapid transition, so it was more of a fun outing. Between us we caught 15 bass, most of which were in the 2-3lb range and one just over 4lb. Most fish we caught were on inside weedlines and a few around docks and trees. All John's fish came on a watermelon red flake Baby Brush Hog texas rigged with a small pegged sinker. I caught fish on LFT Ring Frys, Craw Tubes, Shakey Head Finesse worms & a brown & purple Swim Jig. I also caught a small northern on a pumpkin/gold chatterbait and also had a 2lb bass on and he spit the hook. It was tough early and the bite seem to get better as the day progressed, probably due to the approaching storms.

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