Monday, May 01, 2006

Cyclone Lightning Blade

Another lure manufacturer is jumping in to the ChatterBait lure market, V&M Lures, makers of Cyclone Lures, has released the Cyclone Lightning Blade. This seems pretty similar to other chatter style baits, like the Gambler Swim Blade & Venom Rattle Shake. It seems that Rad Lures inability to fill market demand has unintentionally invited extra players into their market space.

Also, several resourceful bass anglers are copying the original and making their own out of everything from soup cans to heating duct scrap. For those of you that are not quite as ambitious, Venom has produced a Venom Rattle Shake Kit that can convert your old lead head skirted jigs into chatterbait lures. You could also probably step it up a notch by putting the blades onto a tungsten jig :)

Tight Lines,
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Unknown said...

I have ordered just about all the different chatterbait style baits. As I get them, I will be looking to review their attributes and performance against one another. So far only the Cyclone Lightning Blade and Gambler Swim Blades have arrived.

Anonymous said...

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