Friday, May 12, 2006

Ready for a Bassin' Weekend

Got my boat out on the water Wednesday evening for a test run to make sure everything was operational. Thankfully it was all systems go and the motor ran great, I am just angry that I did not add more fuel since it was at least $.25/gallon cheaper that night than now :(

So I am officially ready to head to WI for some bass fishing while most of you will be hassling the walleyes here, and the novelty of WI opener should be warn off. So I will brave the weather on Deer Lake on Saturday and Wappogasset on Sunday. This is in preparation for my Gopher Bassmasters club tournaments the following weekend. I will also be able to test out my new Cyclone Lightning Blades & Gambler Swim Blades, I wonder if my real original chatterbaits that I ordered in January will ever show up......

Anyone else headed to WI or have any hot tips for those two lakes?

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Unknown said...

I was able to purchase some Original Chatterbaits from Rad Lures at Dick's Sporting Goods in Richfield & Burnsville this afternoon, they still had a handfull left at each location.