Thursday, May 18, 2006

Turn In Poachers - #TIP on your Cell Phone!

This is a great program, check it out! TIP Website

Also a good article on the TIP# cell phone program -

What does TIP do?

TIP furnishes rewards to callers providing information which leads to an arrest. Rewards range from up to $100 for fish, small game and non-game species violations, up to $250 for big game and endangered species violations and up to $1,000 for flagrant or commercial violations. Callers may remain anonymous.

TIP educates the public about the effect of poaching on Minnesota's game and fish through:
• The TIP 'Wall of Shame' at sportshows and other events.
• Educational activity books for young conservationists
• Speakers
• Brochures, billboards, license envelopes and newsletters

TIP needs your help!! You may report violations anonymously: Call 1-800-652-9093 or #TIP on your cell phone. Poachers are stealing from YOU.

Help Protect our Resources!
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