Thursday, July 20, 2006

8lb Line is Stronger than you may Think....

Check out this rescue story! Too bad they only got one crappie.

Fourteen-year-old Kong Vang saw his cousin flailing in the water, fighting to
stay afloat in the Little Canada pond where six cousins had been fishing.
With chaos and panic setting in on shore, Kong cast his fishing line out
into the water, hoping to snag Tou Ger Yang.
Barely conscious, Tou Ger, 14,
managed to twist the line around his right arm. Just as the lure hooked his
wrist, he went under.
Somehow, the 8-pound test line held as Kong kept
reeling. And when Tou Ger was close enough, the cousins hauled him to shore.
See full story on This is a good conservation lesson in not littering in our lakes as well.


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