Monday, November 06, 2006

November Sale on Reaction Innovations Tackle

Hey all: is having a big month long sale on all your favorite Reaction Innovations gear and tackle. Buy this ProductYour favorite standbys like the Sweet Beaver 4.20, Smallie Beaver, Flirt Worm and Swamp Donkey and new stuff like the BMF Flipping Hooks , Squeaky Dolphin Buzzbait and Skinny Dipper Swimbait that looks a lot like the Gary Yamamoto Swimming Senko. The Packaging for these baits is fantastic, worth the price of admission ;)

Once again, all your Reaction Innovation Baits are 10% off though the end of November!!Buy this Product


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Anonymous said...

Tried to order from your site. Went to Landbigfish but every time I get to tackle store it bumps me off line. Doesn't happen with Bass Pro. What's up. Just my computer? Happening to anybody else? Thanks, Stupidhead.

HellaBass said...

That is weird, not heard of that before. I have many people order stuff and never heard that. In fact, I did a little Christmas shopping for myself and for my father on today and no issues. Maybe try again, tomorrow, they may have just been having some server issues at the time you tried. Aprreciate you clicking though my site!!!!