Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simply Catches Bass

The next lure I am going to Blog about is a very simple & ordinary looking lure, but here is the deal, it flat catches bass. I have been using this to catch bass for years. It is the Lake Fork Ring Fry.

Like I said, it does not look like much, but then again neither do Senkos or Trick worms and we know they catch the heck out of bass as well. Here is how I use it to catch bass:

In water less then 4ft, I fish it weightless like many people fish senkos around docks, wood and scattered grass. The way I catch most of my fish, is to fish it on a Carolina or Mojo rig. The Carolina Rig is the choice for deeper water and scattered cover. I use the mojo rig in water 5-20ft where around just about any cover from thick weeds to gravel & rocks, its flat deadly!
Give the Ring Fry a chance, you will not be disappointed. Off all the anglers I have introduced this bait to, I don't any have ever complained.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am very new to this whole fishing thing, I only got my first rod this past Christmas, and I have really enjoyed the few fishing trips my fiancée and I have done catching two on my first attempt which was very exciting, that lure looks very similar to that my fiancée used I used a small frog like lure which seemed to do the job just well.

Anonymous said...

We used to go bass fishing in MN when I was a child. I miss that. And then my grandparents would fry up all the fish we caught. Delicious!

Steve carp said...

Are these swim baits any good for pike? They look usefull addition to my box for fishing on the Norfolk broads.

Steve Carp said...

I cant seem to find this in the UK fishing tackle shops, is anyone aware of shops that sell them? Or will I need to import them?

Unknown said...

Steve, this is not really a swimbait, I have caught pike on them, but in General, Swimbaits are great for pike!