Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't forget about the Shaker

Did a bit of fishing this spring. One thing that became apparent in low to mid 50 degree water; the IMA Shaker with it's flat sides and more subtle action is out producing the new highly touted IMA Square Bill designed by Bill Lowen.

Pictured above is the nicest bass I caught, put a bunch in the boat on an IMA Shaker thrown on 12lb Fluoro on my brand new Dobyns 684 CB Crankbait Rod, pretty sweet rod for jerkbaits and light wooden baits like the Shaker, Shad Raps and several other baits.

Both great baits, but early in the year, its hard to beat the profile and action of the Shaker, so my advice, while the traditional Square Bills are getting all the headlines right now, in the early spring, stick with the Shaker for a few weeks. Then when water hits 60 degrees and up, pick that Square Bill up and do work!

As you can see, they were eating the SHAKER!

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Anonymous said...

These look like a serious line of baits but a little high on price. Maybe their worth it. Bassjoestop has a lot of tips and general info you may like it. I think it has a lot of info that could be used with this info.