Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Can't find an Alabama Rig?

Castable Umbrella Rigs like The Alabama Rig are pretty hot ticket in bass fishing right now. But there are some options outside of what they are claiming as "The Original" which are 5 plus weeks out on back order right now. If you want the original quick, ebay has some people re-selling them for a bit of a profit. If you want to read more about what the Alabama Rig is, read this article. But, here are some options on where to buy Alabama style rigs:

You can get something similar from Sworming Hornet Lures called "The Swarm" from BTD or LBF.

Also, I have seen some nice baits from Chubby Chasers on BassTackleDepot, they have a couple versions, the School Girl & Calabama Rig for those states with 3 hooks limits for fishing.

Also, check out the bargain from D&L Tackle "The School" which features both a 3 & 5 wire versions for less then $20, so if you live in a stricter state, save a buck & buy the 3 wire!
D&L Tackle The School Umbrella Rig Color Selections
The Jerry Rago Bait Ball is a little more unique, with the larger modled head, gives the appearance of 6 baits instead of just 5, little different wire configuration as well, Rago usually does things very well.

The Havoc Lures A-Rig kind of seems like a bit of an also ran, but its a few bucks less then some of these.

Picasso Lures has both the School-E-Rig and the Elementary School-E-Rig which is more stripped down version

The Viking Wolf Pack rig is another more economical option with a pretty cool sounding name.

Also the Venom Lures Pay-Me Rig has a nice look to it and is lead free!

So what is your favorite Bama Rig?

If you have the main rig, don't forget you will need some good jig heads and swimbait bodies as well!

I am sure there will be more options soon, good luck!

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Great pictures on all the bait your posting. Good site very informative too.