Friday, December 21, 2012

Great Cross Over Jacket

Finding a good jacket is a task in it self, but one that meets the needs across different facets of your busy lifestyle, that is a mountain of a challenge.  Money and space is a premium for most of us, do I really want to buy and store a jacket for work, jacket for shoveling a jacket for cold weather fishing and hunting?  The short answer is no!

I had always admired Carharrt's toughness, durability and quality, but for me some of the stylings and stiffness of material were not great for all around use or light enough for a long day in my boat.  But until recently had always passed on making an investment, until I found their new offerings from their Quick Duck line.  Just buying picking this coat up off the rack you can instantly sense this is not your grandfather's Carhartt jacket.

I have now had my Black Woodward Traditional Quick Duck jacket for several weeks.  I have done everything from play in the snow with my kids, sub zero shoveling, to winter fishing to wearing it out to dinner with my wife.

The first few times I wore it outside, I over dressed with my under layers and was too warm while shoveling, I have adjusted to this and now no matter how cold, usually just wear a lightweight long sleeve shirt under my coat.  Even the coat is lighter and more pliable then some other Carhartts, it still kept 100% of the water and other elements on the outside, even rolling around in the snow and sledding for hours with my kids.

During fishing it was plenty flexible to impeded casting and general movements in the boat, no complaints there!  And when wearing to work or out with the wife, I got compliments on the styling of my coat.

Not that I foresee wearing this thing out, but if I did or lost it, I'd be quick to replace it with another on the spot!  You should be able to find this at your normal Carhartt dealers, I also noticed it on several websites:
Dick's Sporting Goods
Bass Pro
Gander Mountain and many more

Merry Christmas!

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