Thursday, February 16, 2006

Better to have hooked & lost, then to have never hooked at all....

Better to have hooked & lost, then to have never hooked at all.... That is my motto when it comes to fishing heavy cover, docks and other challenging situations.

I cannot believe how many times my partners are afraid to throw a bait somewhere, because they are worried they will lose the fish if they get a bit. I find a large flaw in that logic! Even if you have only a 10% chance of landing the fish, that is better than the 0% chance you have by not trying. There have been many a tournaments that I have cashed a check or at least gained valuable points by going after some of these fish that many would not dare. What is the worse that could happen, you lose a lure, big deal. Now I am not recommending throwing a high dollar custom crankbait or a $5 jig.... when fishing these situations, most of the time I go with a Texas Rigged soft plastic bait. It has very high hook up, you do not lose many fish, you can fish it on heavy line, its darn near snag-proof and its relatively cheap if you do have to break it off.

I have caught fish on the back side of closing dams and sandbars on a falling river system, dragged fish over bogs, giant laydowns, over piers and boat slips, you name it, I have tried it. Its a great way to find unpressured fish, so next time you are faced with an opportunity like this, grab your meat stick with spooled up with your favorite heavy line and go at it, you would be surprised how many fish you will catch.

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