Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My thoughts on Bassmaster Unniversity

I recently attending the Bassmasters University in Bloomington, MN last weekend. All in all I thought I got good bang for my buck. I think anyone outside a touring pro can learn something from one of these courses. I think you probably get more out of the sessions as a good bass angler, because if all the info presented was knew to you, it would be overwhelming and you most likely would forget the majority before you could apply it on the water.

Sure you it can be a little infomercial like at times.... I will not be buying Woo's Shoes anytime soon. I did not agree with everything the pro's had to share, but most of it was really good and informational. It also interesting to see how some Pro's advice conflicts with others. For instance, Fritt's would not throw a bait with Red Hooks, while Woo Daves & Joe Thomas think there are times when it can help.

If you are a serious tournament angler, much of it will be review for you, but I think there are a few small things you will pick up from each presenter that will help you put a few more fish in the boat and that is what really counts. As long as there are different instructors next time they come to town, I will attend and you should do the same. Besides they usually have these in the winter, would you rather be home doing chores are hanging out with a bunch of people talking about fishing. Oh yeah, one more thing, bring a kid and let them learn as well.

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