Friday, January 09, 2009

Pull the Trigger on some new Bass Baits

Its been too long between entries as usual of late... But these new baits from TriggerX made me sit down and write a quick entry, because I think they look pretty great, I really like the looks of the new Flipping Tube, looks similar to the Yum Vibra King Tube that I really like!!

They got plenty of other cool looking baits, but the creature bait (TriggerX Big Bug) is one of the most other eye catching!!!!

Based on my reading they are laced with all kinds of stuff to entice bass and other game fish to latch on and not let go.

Also they are running a nice little rebate, where you buy 4 packs and get 1 FREE!!!
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Basspastor said...

The tube also looks like once great now defunct Catch-N-Tackle Ring-N tube. The kids at GEM camps have caught a lot of bass over the past few years on those Ring-N tubes. I am sure these are great baits.

Steve Carp said...

Is this made to represent a lake creature, its another one I fancy trying on my local fishing lakes in the UK.