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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Check out the New Sexy Sunfish

As soon as I saw this color of Strike King Red Eye Shad, I started making my order at Bass Tackle Depot to get up to $50 for free shipping, luckily I did not order right away, as everything is 15% off this weekend, thru Monday!!!

I know this color will pull up plenty of bass from the waters I fish in MN and will work in any water that has a good blue gill population.


Amy Wagner | Fishing said...

Wow that is cool, what would one catch with this???

Unknown said...

I would target largemouth bass with it, but it will catch lots of nothern pike and possibly walleye as well

Unknown said...

I just got my new sexy sunfish baits in from Bass Tackle Depot, they look great!

Charles Wallace said...

Recently started using using this with great results.