Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Watch out Kermit, Mad Maxx is Here!!!

Flipping though my latest Bass Pro Shops catalog, I noticed this brand new frog from Tru-Tungsten & Fish Harder Companies!

Tru-Tungsten Mad Maxx Frogs are Super-premium frogs that take temptation to the highest level with 3D eyes and a keel design for easy ''walk the dog'' action. Features tungsten rattles for extra attracting power, a pro drain to keep water out, and a super-sharp double frog hook.Tru-Tungsten  Mad Maxx Frogs
I cannot wait to get my hands on them! They look like thew will be awesome, like all the other Tru-Tungsten products! Right now they are a BassPro exclusive.


Amy Wagner | Fishing said...

I just love the topic watch out Kermit, I have to say that I have caught a few fish using a frog and its amazing how they go for them

Anonymous said...

I caught 3 bass on one last Saturday. The bait walks great and I was amazed to discover that the drain seems to work perfectly. The body of the frog is a bit harder than I would like - much harder than a Spro - but I am hoping that it will break in. I don't see much use for the hook grooves on the top of the frog.

Fishing lady said...

I'm gonna have to give this frog a whirl. I haven't had much luck with the one I've got now.

Brian said...

You Can Catch A Lot Of Bass On Frogs.
I Think They Are Underestimated.