Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What are the best colors for bass fishing jigs?

I posted about this on my other blog as well, but help me help all of you in determining most popular jig color for flipping jigs.

So please take this survey, if it takes more then 60 seconds you are probably over thinking it.  Also, consider emailing, sharing, this blog post and results with your fishing friends so we can gather as much data as possible.
 1/2oz Skirted Tungsten Bass Jig
Check back here and on the Bassin' Blog for full results.  The data could help somebody make better decisions on buying new jigs.  They could either take the data as what is most productive or what most bass have seen and make their own conclusions.

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New Pro Products said...

Hard to beat that black and blue you are holding.. Don't you think???