Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bass Pro Shops to expand @ Mall of America!!

I could not believe my eyes as I browsed the online version of the Minneapolis Star Tribune today. Sounds to good to be true, Bass Pro Shops could be building a store in my backyard! See Article

I find myself going out of the way on business trips so I can spend a few minutes in these stores all over the country, I even schedule time into my spring fishing trips so I can swing into Springfield, MO and visit original store and now I may have one 15 minutes from my house.Just think, I will gladly accompany my wife on trips to the Mall of America, she can shop till' she drops and I will spends hours just wandering the aisles and watch the fish in the giant aqauriums. The other great thing, is I will have the option to drive down the road to get hard to find lures that I would otherwise have to purchase online. Don't get me wrong, I like shopping online, but there is just something about getting your hands on baits and its hard to see colors online. Hopefully this does not fall through, otherwise I will have gotten my hopes for nothing.


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